Kerbloop is a upcoming fan game for the Wii U.


Zlooper is a hard working Blooper who lives in the Shock Plains. Gutsy, arobotic Sledge Bro. has plans of rolling it down to make a Open Flume Factory. Zlooper has to protect his homeland, but how...


  • Zlooper - A Blooper who can throw lightning to stun foes
  • Cheop - A Cheep Cheep who can spit out ice to freeze and pick up small enemies


  • Robo-Grunt - A robot who just walks around
  • Robo-Bro. - A robot Hammer Bro.
  • Podoboo - A fiery creature who sets fire to everybody
  • Tanknose - A tank who can jump and spit out Canonballs
  • Drainer - A plug that shoots electricity at you


  • Plug Plains
  • Shock Shore
  • Cord Cave
  • Metal Mountain
  • Wire Woods
  • Volt Volcano

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