Kenta in Kenta Bra
Full Name Kenta
Current Age 14
Date of Birth March 30, 1997
Gender Male
Location Jacksonville,Florida
Current Status Undead.looking for parts of body
Class Hero
Pillow 8 comp
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Bones, and beams
Ability/ies He can throw bones,regenrate and shoot lasers out of his eyes
Vulnerable To Ki beams
Green death,Hiaku
First Appearance Kenta(game)
Latest Appearance Fantendo rush
He is a Pillow 8 comp character.He has a blue shell and is green.He wants all his parts back.The 800 krotix pearls can give wishes to anyone who brings them all together.At a cementry.Rain pours.Footsteps are heard.A koopa troop is getting chased by the evil Crooze .The koopa troppa is Kentu.Kentu trips.He tries to continue but is tackled by chrooze.Chrooze vanquishes him from the earth.5 years passed and no one noticed him until,Pilow came.He then saw a dead Kentu.Pilow gets a Krotix Pearl and revives Kentu.It could only turn him into a dry bones.Kentu thanks him .He then wants all pieces of his body back.They go on an adventure to find the rest of the Krotix pearls.In the second game,He could switch back to his koopa form and to his dry bone form.

Game AppearencesEdit

  1. Kentu(game)in his first appearence
  2. Kentu Bra(In his second appearence
    Kenta bra awesoome
  3. still in motion


  • He seems to speak chinese english but lives in Florida.
  • He is a power character and medium weight