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Developer(s) Arcanelogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan April 1, 2013
25px-Flag of USA April 23, 2013
25px-Flag of Europe April 24, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia April 26, 2013
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included DS Card

Kenny Koopa's Revenge is a Super Mario spin-off in the Kenny Koopa (series). This game is also created by Arcane Inc. The game mainly focuses on the main character, Kenny Koopa, who seeks revenge on Bowser for scarring him when he betrayed the Koopa Troop. Many actions for Kenny's moves and attacks require the stylus bar since the game is released only for the Nintendo DS.


King Bowser led a Koopa Troop, a powerful military group of the Koopa King himself. And of course, Kenny Koopa was their leader, but once he realized that the path he was taking was wrong, he betrayed them. As a result, Bowser left him scarred for his betrayal. But luckily, Kenny managed to escape the horrible scene after the brutal incident. And now that he has found new friends, Gary Guy and Koomba, he intends to seek revenge on Bowser for scarring him by doing the same. It's a quest for koopa vengeance!


The game plays in RPG format. There are basic controls that the player can easily do. (Kenny Koopa's slide move, for instance.) There is also a little energy bar which increases over time if special moves are used. Also, normal moves do not take up your energy bar. Along with an energy bar, you have a health meter. Which depletes when you take damage from an enemy. If your health meter runs out, your character passes out and you will restart from your last save point. You can restore your health meter (if it has depleted) with a Mushroom. It only restores 50% of your health. A Golden Mushroom fully restores your health and a 1-Up Mushroom revives a K0'd partner.

3DS A Button: Normal Moves, Interact

3DS B Button: Normal Moves,

3DS X Button: Special Moves

3DS Y Button: Special Moves

3DS L Button: Switch Characters

3DS R Button: Crouch

3DS D-Pad: Move

3DS L Button+3DS D-Pad: Crawl

3DS L Button+3DS R Button: Backflip

3DS Select Button: Pause Menu

3DS Start Button: Star Menu



Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
Kenny Koopa Kenny Koopa The main character of the game. He only wants revenge on Bowser for scarring him. Kenny is the strongest of all the koopas, but he has a little doubt that he's not ready to face the koopa king yet. So he trains to become stronger.
  • Sliding Shell
  • Claw
  • Shell Barage
  • Scar Vengeance
Goompa KK Koomba Koomba is one of Kenny Koopa's best friends. He is actually a Koomba wearing a green koopa shell as a sign of respect for Kenny because of him lacking one eye. Koomba would never go on an adventure without his buddy.
  • Shove
  • Slide
  • Goomba Charge
  • Super Slide
Gary Guy KK Gary Guy Gary maybe a shy fellow, but he has a strong heart. He is just like other shy guys. Except he's green and his main element is grass. He makes shy guy noises but be hopes to talk soon.
  • Shy Attack
  • Leaf Attack
  • Super Shy Attack
  • Leaf Barrage


Image Character Description
BowserKKR. Bowser The fabled koopa king himself rules all over the Goomba Team, Koopa Troop, Shy Guy Squad, and everything else that crawls in his castle. He is responsible for scarring Kenny's left eye. Bowser knows he wants revenge. And he's waiting.
Koopa Troop Koopa Troop The Koopas may not be as brave as the Goombas, but they are much smarter. Their hard and thick shell act as a shield as they defend themselves from enemy attacks. This gives them an advantage over the Goomba Team.
GoombaTroop Goomba Team The Goombas are not very smart tacticians when it comes to plans, but they have the courage to stand up against anything. These poor fellas always seem to get stomped on by Mario's feet. But they hope to turn the tables someday.
KamekKKR. Kamek Bowser's high class Magikoopa does anything to keep the troops in line. Kamek is one of the Magikoopa leaders. He dislikes Kenny Koopa, but only because he was always weaker. Still, Kamek doesn't really hate him. There's just a rivalry between the two.
YoshiEggNookKKR YoshiEgg Nook A green tanooki that has been Kenny Koopa's friend ever since the scarred assailant left the Koopa Troop. He helps Kenny out by selling useful goods and giving out excellent tips that are great information necessary to help him on his quest.


  • This is yet another Mario spin-off where you have to play as a Mario enemy.
  • Transparency for the images were done by PolisKanin and DohIMissed.


Note that the other artworks are above.

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