Kendrew, the Ashes of Sunspring.
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Location Sunspring Town, Aethr
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Family and Relations
Pilato - Brother
Main Weapon(s) Pyro fire
Ability/ies Pyro abilities
Vulnerable To Shadow DREW
First Appearance Fantendo and Nintendo Sports
You're not escaping, DREW
Kendrew, talking to DREW, Fantendo Sports Resort

Kendrew is a DREW style character that debuted in Fantendo and Nintendo Sports. He later appeared in Fantendo Sports Resort as the leader of Red Team.


Kendrew is evil. He uses his pyro abilities to his advantage. He attacks everyone, apart from his brother and teammate, Pilato. He is completely the opposite of shy, and is not afraid of anything. He hates all of Team Emerald: DREW, Pie Guy, Emerald and Bearded.


Fantendo and Nintendo Sports

In FANS, he appears as the boss for Team Emerald. In the previous level, it appears that Bearded Ninja is the boss, but that was just a trick, and Kendrew is much stronger. He workes with Pilato. After you defeat him in Story Mode, he is a rare assist. His assist attack is scorching the opponent with his pyro fire.

Fantendo Sports Resort

Kendrew finally returns after a long absence in this new Fantendo Sports game. He is the leader of the Red Team or the doppelgangers.


  • It is believed that the A on his shirt stands for "Arson" but it is however, unconfirmed.