Kelsie O'Fallon
Kelsie O'Fallon, leader of the Anti-Gem Resistance Association. Outfit designed by Exotoro (tbc).
Full Name Kelsie O'Fallon
Current Age 16
Date of Birth September 14, 2000
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Good
Current Status Alive
AGRA (Anti-Gem Resistance Association)
Equality, perfection
Failure, Peridot, gems in general
Main Weapon(s) Orange lightsaber-like weapon, spikes on gloves
Ability/ies Crystallokinesis
Ethnicity White/Caucasian
Height 5'11"
Weight 124 lbs.
Voice Actor(s)
Melissa Fahn
First Appearance Cartoon Network: Millennium
Latest Appearance TBA
Series Vicinity
Kelsie O'Fallon is a protagonist in the video game, Cartoon Network: Millennium. She lives in an alternate future where she leads a resistance force against Peridot, who had enslaved the world with her army of robots.

Her father, Winston D. O'Fallon, started the rebellion when Peridot took over. He led them into her fortress, where they tried to overthrow her. In a deadly battle, Peridot wiped out Winston, leaving Kelsie with the remaining members of the resistance. Through all of this, her timeline's Crystal Gems could not stop the invasion. Since then, she has grown up to hate Gems, especially Peridot.


Kelsie is always determined to do the right thing, but she is afraid of failure. This fear leads her to demand her allies to follow her exact directions at all times. However, she is lonely on the inside, and wants to get a fresh start after overthrowing Empress Peridot.


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