Keinz Colored Ketchup
A bottle of Keinz Unten Blue Ketchup as it appears in FantendoQuest.
Item Type Ketchup
Kind of Item Healing, Buffs, Transformations
First Appearance FantendoQuest
Latest Appearance FantendoQuest
Heals user

Keinz Colored Ketchup (also known as Keinz EZ Squeeze Color) bottles are bottles of Ketchup that have unusual colors. They feature Fantendoverse characters on them. They first appeared in FantendoQuest. The first colored ketchup bottles appeared in 2015 featuring Unten, with the other ketchup flavors appearing two years later.


Keinz Colored Ketchup bottles are bottles of Ketchup which are shaped like the typical squeeze bottle, which has a wide hourglass bottle shape. The packaging features squirming lines of various shades of one of color and the character that is licensed to that color.


Keinz Colored Ketchup bottles have a variety of functions depending on their game. In FantendoQuest, they can be spread onto foods sold at The Delta to add special healing or other special stat boosts. In universe, they have no real function per-say.



The Keinz Colored Ketchup bottles debuted in FantendoQuest, with different flavors being purchasable in The Delta's various shops.



  • Keinz Colored Ketchup is based off the Heinz EZ Squirt brand that ran from 2000 - 2006. The history of Keinz Colored Ketchup mirrors the Heinz one in several ways, although it has yet to be discontinued at the moment.
  • The ketchup bottles in FantendoQuest reuse artwork from Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory with the exception of Reten Orange.
  • Rachel Harel, the most normal member of the group, has the most "normal" color of ketchup being red. This red is slightly more brighter than the normal ketchup color, however.
  • Exotoro (tbc) uploaded a .pdn template for the ketchup bottles that you can download and mess around with here.