[dabs] Carry me, old man
Keil, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 2: Hell Breaks Loose

Keil by amy omfg
Keil by Amy (tiramysu)
Current Age 20
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) None
Height 6'06"
First Appearance General's Journey

Keil is one of the ten party members in General's Journey, and is a neutral-aligned character.  She is unique for not having an element or specific weapon, instead relying on random explosions or unexpected events to turn any tide of battle in her favor.  She is a generally random and unorganized person who happens to mess up a lot or screw around with her team, which makes it debatable on whether she's more helpful or more annoying most of the time.  Keil is especially """fond""" of General Snickers.


It's really tough to describe Keil's personality, although one thing for sure is that she's kind of insane, quite ignorant, and way overexcited. She loves to be pushy or do random things (especially when asked not to) and likes to deliver what she calls "sick burns" towards other members in the crew. She's a rather unpredictable person, so if one talked to her they usually wouldn't know what to expect. Keil seems to ignore danger or any sort of consequences, so she's not really sure when things are wrong most of the time, and when she does, she seems to not really appear worried or do anything about it.


Keil has no specific abilities except for the one which allows her to randomly summon effects or "forces" from mid-air, able to generate explosions without even thinking about it and it always happens at random. It's said to be "rare", but usually occurs when it's either absolutely needed or absolutely unneeded. She can appear to be intimidating too, standing at an absurd level of seven feet -- almost two feet over Scotch. When Keil is in a battle in General's Journey, there's a 10% chance that smaller enemies will run away thanks to this incredible height.

Relationships with Other Characters

General Scotch

Keil seems to be on good terms with Scotch, although the latter definitely doesn't appreciate her low intelligence when it comes to being brains of the team.  Keil seems to mess with Scotch quite often, publicly noting his height and strict tone.  Scotch doesn't really think Keil is really useful in return, but finds her really good with the usage of weapons.

General Snickers

General Snickers and Keil carry one of the strangest relationships.  Both are presumingly fond of each other, and while Keil doesn't share the love that Snickers displays to her, she enjoys messing with him, unintentionally ripping his train of thought at a rapid, incalculable rate. 


They don't really get along very well due to their conflicting personalities, but they usually don't fight each other, only doing so if it's Keil who starts it.



  • Keil was originally created as a joke character, but fairly high levels of development slowly turned her into an actual character in the story, filling many important roles, one of the most important having her being a check and counter to one of the main antagonists, General Snickers.
  • Keil's creator is TirAmySu (tbc).

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