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A Keese in Skyward Sword
Rarity Very Common
Alignment Evil
Average Behavior Aggressive, Stealthful
Habitat(s) Caves, Dungeons, Swamps & Volcanoes
Ability/ies Attacking Directly
Weapon(s) Claws, Teeth and/or Feet
Vulnerable To Pretty Much Everything in Link's Arsenal
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda (NES)
Latest Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
Fire Keese

Ice Keese

Lightning Keese

Dark Keese

Notable Members
Gomess (Boss)

Grim Reaper (Boss)

Note, neither of them are control them






Dark Link


Grim Reaper

Keese are very common enemies that appear in the The Legend of Zelda series. Keese are most commonly found in Caves and during nighttime they gather in colonies. Keese do not appear outside during the day due to them usually sleeping during the day while they hunt at night. Keeses are usually defeated in one hit.


Keese highly resemble Bats as they have wings, claws, the large ears, and fangs. Keese have claws on their thumb which is connected to their wings and they use their claws to attack, same with their fangs.


  • There are enemies that have appeared in past Zelda games that resemble the Keese. These enemies are Ache, Acheman, Bad Bat, and Chasupa
  • While Keese can be set alight by Torches or Fire Arrows to become Fire Keese, a Keese cannot become an Ice Keese by touching an Ice Torch or being hit with Ice Arrows. In addition Ice Keese cannot be defrosted like Fire Keese can be deignited


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