Keeby as he appears in Kirby Dream Realm
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Location Dreamikan Town
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Inhale
First Appearance Kirby's Dream Course

Keeby is a yellow member of Kirby's species, who is often used as a Player Two for Kirby.


Keeby sort of looks like Kirby. He can inhale just like Kirby!


Mario and Kirby Baseball

Keeby appears as a teammate in this game, behaving exactly like Kirby. However, he has higher batting and lower pitching skills than his pink counterpart.

The creator revealed he was originally going to have Keeby be Kirby's sub-captain, however he thought them too similar. It should also be noted that Keeby is known simply as Yellow Kirby in the Japanese version.

Kirby Super Tales

Keeby is the second player in the game. he is faster than Kirby and he can use the copy ability.

Kirby Dream Realm

Keeby is a playable character in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

Image Name Description Signature Ability(ies) Unlock By.....
Keeby3D Keeby Keeby is a speedy, agile friend of Kirby who likes to run and play sports. He may not be well known but can still show his enemies no mercy! Keeby can inhale, swallow, attack and run the fastest but floats badly. Unlock at the end of World 3.