Kazuyan KOF-Chronicles1
Kazuyan, the villain of The King of Fighters Chronicles series
Current Age 32 (for KOF-Chronicles series)
49 (present for Tekken series)
Date of Birth August 28
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Japan
Current Status Alive
Voice Actor(s)

David McCallum (only for KOF Chronicles series)
Joji Nakata

First Appearance Tekken series (as Kazuya)
Latest Appearance The King of Fighters Chronicles series (as Kazuyan)

Kazuyan is the main villain of The King of Fighters Chronicles series. He appears even in Tekken series too. In this series, he has different styles of abilities and powers.


Kazuyan was born on August 28 to Daikon & Shamara. When Kazuyan comes to age 29, they two died and he builds his own headquarter to start up a business of villains with some bag of money. Then he found his new target, the King of Fighters. To defeat the fighters, he set ups many of bodyguards and enemies. This leads him to the villain position.