Kazuo Honda
Current Age 16
Date of Birth November 2
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Hometown Naha
Weapon Katana
Status Alive
Spirit Hahaoya
Affiliations Seishin Group
Debut Mizuame Namida
Aliases Kaz, Hon, Honda-senpai
Relatives Chizu Honda (sister), mother (deceased), father (deceased)
Voice Actors Grant George (ENG)
Daisuke Namikawa (JAP)

Kazuo Honda is the main protagonist of Mizuame Namida, and one of the six playable characters. Kazuo was born in Naha, the capital of the Okinawa Prefecture of Japan. Prior to the events of the game, his parents were killed in a train accident while on a business trip, Kazuo travelled to Ushinawareta to live with his older sister, Chizu. The despair Kazuo felt after his parents' death makes him a prime target for Byakuya Namahage, the Demon Lord, and opts to transform him into one of his Demon worshippers.

Game Appearances


Kazuo is a generally laid-back teenager. He cares for his friends and those close to him, though trusts in their judgement and abilities enough to not stress about them. He suffers from social anxiety, though hides it under a face of calm, which he tries his best to uphold as much as possible.

Physical Appearance


Kazuo Honda stands at about 3 metres high, and has dark red hair that crosses down over his forehead to rest in a single point. His hair reaches down to his neck, past the bottom of his head, and its colour is complimented by his dark blue eyes. Around his neck, he is commonly seen wearing a black necklace decorated with white beads. He wears a black dress shirt as well as a blue shirt underneath - the common uniform for those who attend Bessekai Academy. He also wears dark black pants with a white pin attached to his right pocket: the insignia of Bessekai Academy. On his feet he is commonly seen wearing grey socks covered by brown shoes.


Kazuo's Spirit is Hahaoya, a light elemental. Hahaoya takes the form of a tall mechanical being with arms that extend down to his knees, and spikes that protrude from his metallic spine. Blue flames engulf his frog-like head, with two diamond eyes staring through the fire. Kazuo's transformation into Hahaoya consists of him being engulfed by the blue flames.


Levelling Up

Skill Cost Effect Level
Nergé 5 PP Boosts attack power of one ally. -
Aruan 5 PP Deals light damage to one target. -
Fyru 7 PP Deals fire damage to one target. 7
Aruanil 10 PP Deals light damage to one target. 12
Yvrin 15 PP Deals electric damage to two targets. 18
Nervae 7 PP Boosts defence power of one ally. 22
Fex 8 PP Deals electric damage to one target. 27
Neráv 7 PP Boosts attack power of all allies. 35
Uncht 12 PP Deals poison damage to all targets. 39
Ib 7 PP Deals spirit damage to all targets. 46
Dgurugya 15 PP Lowers defence and attack of all targets. 50
Urya 10 PP Boosts speed of all allies. 57
Ghaedura 20 PP Fully restores Self Timer. 66
Nuru 5 PP Deals light damage to all targets. 72
Upule 15 PP Deals fire damage to one target. 86
Eri 15 PP Deals poison damage to one target. Chance of paralyzing. 91
Aku 50 PP Instantly kills a single opponent. Can be used once per battle. 100

Special Training

Skill Cost Effect Level
Ryau 15 PP Deals fire damage to all targets. -
Noyl 15 PP Deals light damage to one target. -


Mizuame Namida

Kazuo Honda appears as the main protagonist of Mizuame Namida.

Hakuto Namida

Kazuo makes a minor cameo in the ending of Hakuto Namida. It shows him moving into his sister's house in Ushinawareta, just as he did in the beginning of Mizuame Namida.

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