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Kazdan Kalinkas, who uses the Chaotic name KidChaor, is one of the main characters in the Chaotic TV Shows.

Character Origins

In one of the original Danish ideas, Kaz and Tom were enimies, and had very different looks and personalities. In the newer version, Kaz and Tom's best friend.


He has spikey red hair and brown eyes with round pink-tinted glasses. He always wears a green shirt with a yellow waistcoat. He was also shown to be notably scrawny.

Background Information

Kaz attends the same school as Tom Majors, where he has been shown to not be that popular. He got the code to transfer to Perim awhile before Tom did, and would always tell Tom stories about his adventures in Perim, In return Tom thought he was a bit crazy.

Personality and Behaviour

Kaz is Tom Majors' best friend, and the one who first got him interested in Chaotic. Kaz is a loyal person, and often puts all else aside to help his friends, as demonstrated when he attempted to rescue H'earring from the M'arrillians' mind control. He seems shy and a bit less courageous then the others, but when a good scan is on the line, he jumps into action.

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