Kato is the main character and protagonist of Chrono Chaos. He lives in the Present, also known as 1002 A.D.


Kato looks like he is around 16 and according he is 5'7". He has blue eyes and short black hair, and wears an orange headband (his starting accescory for the game). He always seems to have a confident look on his face. He wears olive-green pants with brown boots, and has a good build for a boy his age. He wears a black shirt with short sleeves and a light blue vest, and carries something to hold his blade it on his waist.

Chrono Chaos Description

  • Kato - Silent Protagonist
  • Age - 16 (M)
  • Origin - Hillside, Present
  • Height - 5'7
  • Weight - 134 Pounds
  • Build - Ordinairy
  • Weapon - Blades/Swallows
  • Left-Handed


Despite being the game's main character, he has almost no backstory. He grew up fairly normally in Hillside Village in the Present. The night the Time Flyer crashed, his friend Genus was sleeping over at his house.

Weapons & Techs


Duel Techs

Triple Techs

Quadruple Techs


  • Kato's original name was Kaos, but it was changed to Kao to make the name of the game and himself less similar, but still have a connection. However, Kao sounded too much like cow, so it was changed to Kato.

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