Full Name Katie Luise Marsh
Current Age 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Heroine
Family and Relations
Chloe (friend) Kirsty (Mother)
First Appearance Secret Springs: Deepest Mysterys
Latest Appearance Secret Springs: Sunken Dreams
Chloe stop goofing around and look at this!
Katie, Secret Springs: Deepest Mysterys

Katie is(ケイティ Kati ) the main character of the series Secret Springs. She came across the spings chasing after a ball that Chloe had thrown over the river.


Katie is an everyday teenager that just wants to be accepted by others however, all of this changed when she came across a medeval spring kept secret by the goverment to protect them from a ghost called Cassandra.



Katie has red hair, she usualy lets it flow naturaly but sometimes ties it back. Her eyes are green and she often wears the same shoes, she seems to like the color green.


Katie is a happy go lucky kind of girl who has a love for music, she has been shown to be very skilled at singing and dancing. Katie has is very lucky and also very laid back-- however, she can also be very strict at times.