Katamari (manga series) is the series of manga publications based on the Katamari series of video games. The mangas were written by 1337doom, though We ♥ Katamari was co-created by Ihiro Nomaru (not a real person, I just made him up -1337doom)

Magazine printings

The original two mangas, Katamari Damacy and We ♥ Katamari, were both featured in Baka Slap. However, We ♥ Katamari and the rest of the series so far have been printed in Game Shonen, except Katamari Forever, which was not featured in any manga magazine.


So far, there have been four publication series for four of the series five games. 1337doom has expressed he did not make one for Beautiful Katamari because he has not played the game, but he also has never played Me & My Katamari, so it's a possibility he could still make a manga for it.

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