Kat (Dragonfly)
Kat the Dragonfly
Full Name Kat the Dragonfly
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Dragonfly
Location Dragonfly Fields
Current Status Active
Class Ally
Family and Relations
Tak (Friend)

Zac (Friend) Pyoo (Partner)

Ability/ies Flying
First Appearance Tak-Zac The Insect Prophecy (2002)
Kat is a main character in the Tak-Zac series. He is a red-orange dragonfly who is very close friends with Tak and Zac. He is shown to be goofy, not smart and has a huge obsession with flying. He usually counts on his friend Pyoo to do the planning for him due to him being the strategist.

The Insect ProphecyEdit

Kat made his first appearance in Dry Canyon, where he helps his friends Tak and Zac get across by giving them a ride on him. He also appears in some levels giving the duo a hand by flying them across. He is later seen in the ending at the party after the duo's victory over the evil Zoster.