Monogatari is Kasa no Sentoki's Story Mode, the story follows a group of characters trying to find the Sukui, a legendary item said to grant any wish.


Meet Dark Pit, he has traveled throughout most of the world in search of something, though it is unknown what it is, one day he finds the city of "Kisu", a city where he decides to rest, while going to a restaurant to eat he finds a man saying he has a map that tells the location to the Sukui a magical item that can grant any wish in the world, Dark Pit decides to buy it, however the prize is too high, the man says he's leaving in a week so he must get the money fast, Dark Pit is wondeirng how to get the money when he finds posters advertising a small fighting tournament, the winner gets 1.000 gold coins, enough to buy the map, Dark Pit decides to participate though he has to fight through an eliminatory round first, this is where he meets Bravoman and fights him, after beating him he ends up joining the tournament along with a few other fighters.

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins

Dark Pit is fighting through the tournament and has defeated everyone except the last fighter, Marceline, after defeating her he gets the prize money and uses it to buy the map, the man sells the map to him and Dark Pit is about to leave the city before finding out he was being followed by Marceline in her invisible form, Marceline then forces Dark Pit to take her with him, however when they try to leave they are interrupted by the police who have blocked up the path to the city exit due to the zoo being attacked by Dr. Bomb and his minions, Marceline and Dark Pit decide to go inside the zoo and stop Dr. Bomb so that they can move on, in the way they find Bravoman who also is fighting Dr. Bomb's minions and decide to team up with him to finally defeat Dr. Bomb and put the animals back to their cages, Bravoman then follows Dark Pit begging him to take him in an adventure with him, Dark Pit says no though Marceline lets him join the group anyway.

After exiting the city they try to find some sort of vehicle to get them to the Sukui faster, they find a limosine, Marceline tries to steal it and the others join her finding no other choice, however they are stopped by Sev'ral Timez, who are the owners of the limosine, they fight them and try to escape with the limosine however they hop in and are about to attack them until Bravoman tells him that they'll get a wish from the Sukui if they let them keep the limosine, and thus Sev'ral Timez joins them as well, eventually they come across a forestal fire, and leave the limosine to check what's going on, after traveling through the burning forest filled with wild Pokémon they find that the cause of the fire was a raging Charizard hypnotized by the Masked Marauder, the team beats him and calm the hypnotized Pokémon, however when they leave they find that their limosine has been stolen by a group of Tacs, the team chases after them and they reach a thief camp, where they try to get their limo back stealthily but are found out by the Tacs and are forced to fight through the swarm of Tacs, they are about to get their limosine back until they see a space ship owned by a Stormtrooper who was captured by the Tacs, Dark Pit grins and the chapter ends.

Chapter 2 - Doom Dragon

The gang is riding the Stormtrooper's spaceship until noticing that a Gourgeist sneaked in with them, the Gourgeist starts wreaking havoc inside the spaceship so the gang decides to fight it however after beating it it shoots a Shadow Ball that ends up hitting the control panel and the spaceship goes out of control, crashing against a robot factory with evil robots made by Bowser Jr. who orders the robots to attack, after fighting through the robots and meeting with Bowser Jr. Bravoman accidentally frees a Chuckya from a caspsule, however the Chuckya is non-hostile and actually helps the gang defeat Bowser Jr. however due to Bravoman freeing it it won't stop following the team, once they get back to the spaceship the Chuckya manages to fix it completely, after they all get in again the Gourgeist wakes up though they manage to catch it using a Pokeball found in the factory, after the Gourgeist is captured the gang continues on, however as they ride across the plains they find a Doom Dragon who attacks the gang, Bravoman goes outside the sapceship to fight it, Chuckya follows him and makes him drop the Pokeball containing Gourgeist who quickly develops a rivalry with the Doom Dragon, after fighting the Doom Dragon they're forced to go underground, when they think they're safe however, the Doom Dragon appears once again and eats Dark Pit, Bravoman and Sev'ral Timez, at this point the chapter splits into two sections 2A and 2B.

Chapter 2A

Dark Pit wakes up in the Doom Dragon's stomach, where he starts exploring until finding Bravoman, while looking around some more they find Sev'ral Timez and some Fist Fighters, Emperor Awesome's minions who have been eaten by the Doom Dragon, these attack the trio in panic however they beat them and find the center of Doom Dragon's stomach which Dark Pit shoots with his staff, making the Dom Dragon puke them out, then the Doom Dragon in anger starts fighting with the trio, however when he's in halff health he leaves and hides in a cave, the team find him and meet Wander & Sylvia who end up helping them out, however once they get in some rocks block the cave's entrance forcing Wander & Sylvia to finish off the Doom Dragon alone, after beating the Doom Dragon they manage to get out of the cave, however they are chased into some woods by Watchdogs, Lord Hater's minions, after fighting their way out of the forest they find the rest of the rest of the group along with a Wither Skeleton on the spaceship so they hop in and continue on, ending the chapter.

Chapter 2B

The trio keeps on digging deeper until hitting a dungeon where they fight through some zombies until finding a chamber containing the Wither who attacks them, the trio fights it however when he has half health he puts up a shield that protects it form attacks and summons Wither Skeletons, one of these tries to attack the team directly but they manage to control it using Gourgeist's Hypnosis, and use him pas through the Wither's shield and attack him, after Wither Skeleton finishes off the Wither it starts exploding so the team uses the spaceship to escape through an Abandoned Mineshaft, after finding a way out of the underground they find Dark Pit, Bravoman and Sev'ral Timez along with Wander & Sylvia, they hop in the spaceship and they all continue on, ending the chapter.

Chapter 3 - Night of Nightmares

As the gang gets closer to the Sukui they find that their ship is runing out of gas, which it eventually does, leaving the gang near a pizza place named "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria", it's late so they all go inside hoping to find someone to give them gas, however as soon as they get in the doors close and get stuck, the gang decides to wait the night inside the pizzeria until morning, however they quickly find that they are being followed by the Animatronics of the place, they try to escape them however in the process they are caught by the mysterious Golden Freddy which gives them hallucinations which just make escaping harder, however they eventually manage to overcome the hallucinatinos and get to pretty much the only safe spot, the Surveillance Room, where they try to survive the rest of the night, until an Animatronic they didn't see before pops up to make their day worse, Foxy, though they manage to beat him, which neutralizes him temporarily, however, the other Animatronics corner them until the clock hits 6 AM and the Animatronics turn off, Dark Pit and the team decides to take this chance to escape and just as they are about to get to the entrance they find the restaurant's manager and ask him for gasoline, the restaruant's manager gives Dark Pit the gasoline and Dark Pit tells them the story about the Animatronics and how they're possesed, however the restaruant manage just laughs, the gang decides to just continue on.

As they leave the Pizzeria they notice that the map has a similar building marked in it, which means they're getting closer, then the gang decides to share why they want the Sukui and Marceline takes this chance to ask Dark Pit about it, he revelas that a friend of his tried to save his own world from a dark monster of the underworld, but sadly failed and died, Palutena, about to be drained of her power, told Dark Pit about the Sukui and sent him to the Kasaverse in order to look for it, after talkinmg of this story the team finds a giant mountain, they all climb to the top, where they find the key to unlocking the Sukui, a shining amulet, Dark Pit tries to take it but is instantly attacked by Naval Piranha, the protector of the amulet, the team beats it and Naval lets them take the amulet, they take it and instantly after the mountain crumbles, not only curushing hteir spaceship but also revealing a beautiful paradise in front of them, where the Sukui is located, the team looks forward as they take ther first steps in this new land, knowing that the Suklui is closer than ever.

Chapter 4 - Rakuen de Jigoku

The gang crosses through the vast "paradise" and near the end they find some Red Acroballs trashing the place, they beat them however they call back-ups and the gang ends up cornered until Wonder Momo appears and beats the Red Acroballs easily, the team thanks her and continues on, entering a big dark cave, as they go deeper and deeper they find a tunnel that takes them to the outside of a mountain, the gang climbs up the mountain and once they reach the top they find the Sukui, ready to make their wish, Dark Pit gets closer to it but is suddenly ambushed by Hades who was secretly watching over the gang, and uses the Sukui to wish for ultimate power before crushing it, Hades, now powered up, uses his new powers to destroy the Kasaverse.

Dark Pit then rememebers a part of the legend of the Sukui, saying that if it's ever damaged, a set of people may give it power to grant one wish, but it will have restrictions due the Sukui being weaker, Dark Pit wishes for the power of Pit's spirit and uses it to fight Hades and even thoúgh he doesn't manage to kill him he manages to weaken him enough so that the gods of the Kasaverse, Amagasa, Koumorigasa and Sanshedo, who appear to stop Hades from destroying the Kasaverse, can finish him off, however Hades still manages to damage the core of the Kasaverse, the gods exaplin that they must fix the damage made by Hades or the Kasaverse will collapse, Dark Pit follows the gods and wants to help them fix the damage made by hades, the gods agree since he helped defeat Hades and they all travel deeper into the Kasaverse.

Chapter 5 - Cor Mundum

Dark Pit and the gang are traveling to the core of the Kasaverse to fix the damage Hades made, they find that the core of the Kasaverse, which looks like a glowing heart, entered "Lockdown Mode", a mode that it enters when it suffers damage where it becomes copmpletepy protected by a shield that can only be passed by collecting 4 keys in 4 realms, Amagasa opens up the portal for the first realm and the heroes go inside it, the realm, called "Albus", they travel through this bizarre world where sports and work-out are the most famouis things and eventually find the first key, though to get it they have to win a tournament, they join in and they fight through the competition until hjaving to fight someone who's known as a celebrity in Albus, Wii Fit Trainer, they manage to defeat her as well and finally get the key though almost instantly minions from the Underworld Army attack Albus to avenge their master, and one of them manages to stela the key, they chase after it getting help from Wii Fit Trainer who joins the gang, after finally finding it they find that it was a trap and are ambushed by a swarm of Underworld Army minions, though they are cornered they are helped by Wonder Momo who appears once again to help the gang, after fighting through the Underworld Army minions they leave Albus and go to the next realm.

The next realm is "Shenmi" a world filled with paranormal activity, as thye make their way across a forest and finally reach a small vilage they find that no one is noticing the strange events except two kids, Dipper & Mabel, the team quickly fginds out they have the second key, so they sneak into the Mystery Shack and try to take the key, however, Dipper who was awake reading a book notices them and wakes up Mabel, they chase the team off into the forest and get the key back, the gang tries to explain that they want the key to save their world but Dipper & Mabel don't believe them at first and uses a spell to summon a portal which frees space dragon Ridley, who goes wild and starts attacking the team, after defeating Ridley it goes crazy and chases Dipper & Mabel, though Dark Pit manages to calm it down, Dipper & Mabel say they will give the key to the gang but only if they can come along with them, Dark Pit agrees, however when they get back from the realm Ridley's still following them but they just decide to ignore him and move on to the next realm, "Scelus".

Chapter 6 - Crime & Wasteland

The team entes Scelus, a realm ruled by crime, where the only heroes are few and far in-between, in this land they find that a criminal named "The Joker" has the next key, they manage to catch him during what he calls "The Heist of the Century" they fight him and manage to ghet the key back but are later ambushed and knocked out, after that they wake up and see that they're trapped in an abandoned building with a time bomb, they try to escape but Joker's goons appear to slow down the heroes, however the gang manages to beat them and tries to escape only to be cut off right near the exit by a fight between The Joker and Batman, Dark Pit helps Batman defeat The Joker and they all escape the building before it explodes, Dark Pit takes the key from The Joker and goes back to Kasaverse along with the team and Batman follows them, they all go to the final realm: "Geminus-Ursus"

The team quickly notices that something isn't right, as the city they land in is a complete wasteland, they walk around only to find Monokuma Bots which attack them, the gang runs away and tries to find the key but are interrupted by a swarm of Monokuma Bots, which knock Dark Pit out, Dark Pit wakes up in a building where he meets Hajime Hinata and Akane Owari, they explain to him that he's in Future Foundation and that he was knocked out by Monokuma Bots and that they're still trying to find his friends, he notices that he still has the key but he still stays to look for his friends, after a while they find out his friends are stuck in a small abandoned restaurant, they all go there and defeat the Monokuma Bots, after Dark Pit regroups with his friends they all leave to save the heart of Kasaverse and Hajime Hinata follows them.

They finally use al the keys to disable the core's Lockdown Mode, which works, after that the gods and Dark Pit close in on the core and are about to heal it, until Hades, who faked his death before, appears once again and destroys the core completely, there's a big white flash and the chapter ends.

Final Chapter - We Could Be Immortals...

Dark Pit wakes up in a white area where Sanshedo, Amagasa and Koumorigasa explain that the entire Kasaverse was destroyed and all that's left is Hades, however for some reason Hades left Dark Pit alive, Dark Pit, angered, decides to avenge Kasaverse and his own world by killing Hades once and for all, Sanshedo, Amagasa and Koumorigasa decide to help Dark Pit by making a path for him, in the way Hades summons monsters and clones of the bosses, after fighting his way through the path Dark Pit finally finds Hades and both engage in a final battle, Dark Pit defeats Hades' first form, though Hades powers up and almost destroys Dark Pit, however Amagasa appears and interrupts Hades, she deals a bit of damage to him before Hades throws her away, Hades, angered flies off, Dark Pit checks on Amagasa before chasing after Hades, Amagasa tells Dark Pit that she's suffered alot of damage but that she'll be fine, Dark Pit chases after Hades and the fight continues, Dark Pit thinks he defeated Hades' second form until he appears once again and tries to crush him, he suffers inmense damage but doesn't die, Hades is about to finish him off until Sanshedo and Koumorigasa appear and block the hit, then they finish off Hades' second form, after that they heal up Dark Pit but Hades appears once again in his final phase and destroys Sanshedo and Koumorigasa completely, though they still managed to give Dark Pit a replica of the Great Scared Treasure, which he uses to fight Hades, after weakening him enough he dashes into him and finishes him off, creating a giant explosion, and everything fades to black.

Dark Pit suddenly wakes up in a grassy field, after walking around for a bit he finds Amagasa crying near a fountain for her brothers' deaths, Dark Pit comforts her and takes the chance to ask her where he is, Amagasa explains that when Hades was destroyed, the Kasaverse was recreated, Amagasa names this brand new Kasaverse "Atagarashi Kasaverse" and says that she'll have to rule it on her own due to Sanshedo and Koumorigasa's sacrifice, Dark Pit says that he'll help her and Amagasa thanks him, then he hears Marceline and Bravoman and looks behidn him to see them waving at him, Dark Pit smiles and follows them, ending the story mode of the game.

Extra Chapter - The Magical Clone Printer

This extra chapter can only be accessed if you manage to beat every chapter in 7.0+, in this chapter, Dark Pit, Marceline and Bravoman are walking around until Mabel pops up worried, after Dark Pit calms her down she reveals that Dippr was kidnapped, the trio asks her where she last saw him and she says that he was investigating something in the abandoned side of town, they all go there and after fighting some paranormal creatures they find a small shack, they look around until Dark Pit finds a shaking printer, he touches it and it instantly scans him before creating a clone of him, Dark Pit defeats it, then it scans Marceline and Bravoman and makes clones of them, they each fight their copy and defeat it, Dark Pit decides to shoot it with his staff, making it explode and revealing a swarm of Dipper Clones, who reveal that they were the ones who kidnapped Dipper, they show him to Mabel and Mabel tries to free him but the Dipper Clones escape into the woods, the trio follows them until they finally fight, they manage to defeat the Dipper Clones and they rescue Dipper who uses Journal 3 to banish all the Dipper clones, ending the chapter, beating this chapter unlocks Boss Rush Mode and EX Monogatari, a much hrader version of Monogatari.

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