Kasa no Sentoki is an Umbrella game made by CSketch scheduled to be released in 2018 for the Wii U, the game's main theme is Immortals by Fall Out Boy .


While the game-play is based on Smash Bros., the game takes many aspects from different franchises, including small ones such as the player being able to move while the 5 second countdown rolls before the battle (but not being able to damage others) like in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, to slightly bigger ones such as the round system from many other classic fighting games like Street Fighter.

The game mainly plays like Smash, giving players a big room to run around, and instead of health bars or damage count characters have Damage Swirls, a small swirling bar, the more damage you take the more it slowly fills, the more it's filled the easier it is to get thrown off the stage.

Depending on how many players are fighting depends on how long the game'll be, each game has a certain amount of rounds, in the end the player who has won the most amount of rounds wins the game, if someone ties in the end, they go into Sudden Death, a mode where the Damage Swirls are completely filled up and the charactes are modified to have better knockback than usual, the least amount of rounds a player can set on a game of four players is 6.

Monogatari is similar to Subspace Emissary, except the game is divided in chapters instead of levels in an overworld.


The game has a Story Mode called "Monogatari", which involves a group of characters who decide to go on a journey to find the legendary "Sukui", a powerful item that is said to grant any wish, in the way they meet many friends and foes.

See Story Mode here: Kasa no Sentoki/Monogatari


This is the roster containing all the playable characters plus their respective Finisher

Image Name Description Finisher
DarkPitSSB4 Dark Pit Dark Pit is pretty much a clone of Pit created by Pandora though he ended up betraying her, in Monogatari it's revealed that this Dark Pit is actually a Dark Pit from a timeline where Pit is killed by Hades, and he wants to use the Sukui to revive Pit in his timeline, Dark Pit uses many weapons and abilities from KI:U in his attacks. Mirror of Truth - Dark Pit creates clones of each character, each clone starts attacking and dealing damage to the original until 15 sdeconds pass, then all the clones form together and create an explosion.
Chuckya by yoshigo99-d4pnpry Chuckya Chuckya is a forgotten enemy from SM64 and SM64DS, his main ability is throwing but he can also use his handy boxing gloves to attack! Ultra-Toss - Chuckya becomes slightly bigger and a vacuum-like black hole appears in his hands sucking opponetns in, after 10 seconds Chuckya combines them all in one small bubble and throws it off the stage.
MarcelineEvicted Marceline Marceline, the Vampire Queen, joins the battle! Daughter of Hudson Abadeer, ruler of the Nightospherer, she attacks using mostly her vampire powers, which means she isn't that good with meelee. Monster Form - Marceline turns into her Monster Bat Form, which makes her extremely resistant and gives her attack enormous knockback, she can also fly, however it's temporary and she is slower in this form.
Bravo Man Bravoman The Super Unequaled Hero of Excellence, Bravoman, is here! He can use his stretching powers as well as many other of his amazing abilities! Bravoman is swift and agile but not as strong as others. Bravomaster - Anti-Bravoman, Bravowoman and Braveman pop up and they all fuse into Bravo Master who goes in the background and fires an enormous powerful blast through the center of the stage.
Wonder momo by rockmanzxadvent-d6tnpgp Wonder Momo Wonder Momo, VICTORY! This forgotten Magical Girl is special in the fact that she's better off with strong meelee attacks rather than actual magical powers, Wonder Momo is a deadly combinaiton of agility and strength! Concert Blast - Wonder Momo transforms back to Momoko and with the rest of the idols she starts making a concert, the crowd deals damage and bounces the characters around unti Momoko finishes off with a powerful sound wave that does high knockback.
232695 Suzune Amano When you think of a Madoka Magica rep you usually think about Madoka, Homura or Mami BUT YOU NEVER EXPECTED SUZUNE! Suzune Amano is a "Magical Girl Assasin", a magical girl who kills other Magical Girls before they turn into witches, she can use her long sword along with other powers in order to defeat her opponents. Longsword Rampage - Suzune flies around the stage slashing opponents widly with her longsword, dealing tons of damage until she does a straight dash through the screen that deals major knockback, then everything goes back to normal.
UYmAm Wither Skeleton Wither Skeleton from MC joins the battle! This guy is slow though he's pretty damn strong. Blaze Swarm - A swarm of Blazes appear in the background and start firing fireballs that affect everyone except Wither Skeleton, the fireballs deal pretty good damage and knockback.
RidleyBrawlClear Ridley

You thought Ridley was way too big for Smash Bros? Well he was...but he isn't too big for Kasa no Sentoki! While he was re-sized he's still pretty darn big and is actually better in the air than in the ground. 

Meta Ridley - Ridley turns into Meta Ridley which increases his strenght and defense temporarily.
Gourgeist by hyshirey-d6vymt8 Gourgeist Gourgeist is here! This Pokémon is Pumpkaboo's evolution, and can use many Dark-type attacks along with some Grass-type attacks. Curse of the Forest - Gourgeist jumps to the background as the stage turns into a creepy forest where 3 green pillars will rise up from the ground, if an opponent is hit by one of these they will be covered in leaves as if they were a bush and will be completely paralyzed, then many sharp tree roots will rise from the ground and deal major knockback, then everything will go back to normal.
Splatoon-Inkling Render 001 Ika Ika is a squid-human hybrid that can turn into a squid of sorts at will, in her human form she can use her paint gun to not only deal damage but cover the stage in paint, which stays there for a while before disappearing, when you're in squid form you're slower and weaker unless you're swimming in paint, then you can dodge powerful attacks and charge at opponents. Inkling Attack - an entire army of Inklings will appear in the background and will start firing paint all over the stage that deals tons of damage before ending with a paint bomb that deals tons of knockback, of course Ika is imnue to all this.
WiiFitTrainerAnarchy Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Trainer weighs in!....okay that was bad, Wii Fit Trainer is very athletic and thus very agile, though she's not that strong, she has a special gimmick named "Heart Rate", as WFT runs without stopping she'll gain more momentum and boost her agility, though if she keeps in quick movement without stopping for way too long she'll start sufering damage temporarily. Treadmill Madness - WFT turns the stage into a giant treadmill and starts running very quickly, you cannot control her during this but she's immune to every attack, as the time passes on the treadmill gets quicker and quicker until it becomes extremely hard to stay on it, then the stage turns back to normal.
Batman-the-brave-and-the-bold-4e52f71c99956 Batman Nanananana, BATMAN!! This masked vigilante can fight using many of his gadgets but he's also a next in fighting techniques so it would be an all-around bad idea to mess with this dude. Arkham Breakout - Batman leaves in a helicopter as million of enemies and villains from Arkham City escape onto the stage, wreaking havoc until the Finisher ends.
Sticks artwork Sticks the Badger Sticks the Badger from Sonic Boom is here! She can swing her boomerang as a meelee weapon and of course she can also throw it to deal damage to enemies far away, she can also use her EnerBeam to pull opponents near her or deflect projectiles. Sonic Boom - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy all appear on-stage and start using their attacks wildly all across the stage, dealing high amounts of damage and knockback for 15 seconds, after that they all go away. 
Dipper & Mabel RW Dipper & Mabel The Wonder Twins join the battle! While Dipper is a weak but more tactical fighter Mabel is the complete opposite, Dipper can swing Journal 3 to hit opponents and throw broken "Thinking Pens" which can explode in ink, Mabel however can use her grappling hook and her confetti gun. Bill Cipher - Bill Cipher appears in the background and makes a small black hole, anyone sucked in it will be traped in a cutscene where Bill Cipher fires a powerful blast that deals lots of damage.
WanderSylviaArt Wander & Sylvia This dynamic duo is almost perfect, Sylvia focuses more on strong hits while Wander can use his cartoon powers and the many items inside his hat to do swift and quick damage. Time Bomb - Sylvia gets a major boost in attack and speed for 15 seconds before making a explosion and returning back to normal.
Cray-Cray Sev'ral Timez Mostly added as a joke character, this band introduced in the episode "Boyz Crazy" of Gravity Falls fights as a team, they're very weak in terms of fighting though if you can master them they can best. Cray-Cray - The stage becomes a small plain platform and everybody wil be sent to the middle, where Sev'ral Timez will start singing Cray-Cray, as they sing the other characters will slowly walk to the edge covering their ears, you must time your button press to the beat of the song
PaperMarioAnarchy Paper Mario You thought Mario was gonna be in this game? Nah, but you DO get his paper version so i guess that's a plus....anyaways, Paper Mario can use his hammer, his partners and even his stickers to attack but he is weak due to....y'know being made of paper. Scissors - Paper Mario uses the Scissors thing stickers to summon giant scissors which start cutting the stage, if you get hit by one of these you'll receive enormous damage, after 10 seconds the scissors crash, making an explosion that deals massive knockback and everything goes back to normal.
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve Steve is a blocky guy with the incredible ability to craft all sorts of thigns out of almost nothing, he can attack using this "Crafting" mechanic to make better weapons and armor. Ender Dragon - Steve "leaves the server" as the Ender Dragon flies around dealing incredible knockback to opponents, after 15 seconds everything goes back to normal and Steve "joins the server" again.
RubyRose Ruby Rose One of the few characters to not be included in Monogatari, this swift fighter uses her weapon, WHICH IS A FUCKING SCYTHE-GUN, you can easily switch between the two modes and subsequently change some of your moves. ​Team RWBY - Blake, Yang and Weiss appear on-stage and start using their respective attacks all around the stage, dealing tons of damage and knockback.
Hajimehinata Hajime Hinata Hajime Hinata joins Kasa no Sentoki! Hajime is more of a tactical fighter, kinda like Dipper, he isn't very strong, his main gimmick is "Truth Bullets", he can fire these at opponents, and while they are weak on their own, they can be combined to become stronger Truth Bullets or they can be used to "contradict" certain attacks like some sort of counter-attack.

Non-Stop Debate - Hajime will shout "No, That's Wrong!", anyone caught in his range will be trapped in a cutscene, they will appear in a class trial and various sentences will fly around, Hajime has to time when to shoot his Truth Bullet and depeneding on how well he timed it depends on how much knockback and damage the opponents receive.

GumballS2transparent Gumball Gumball is a blue cat....who can walk and talk and uses clothes....okay, he can use many different attacks such as firing a paintball gun, scratching his enemies and even his insult energy bal, which he can charge up to deal more damage.  Tina Rex - Gumball wil jump in fear and run away into the background before Tina Rex runs into the stage at full-speed, crashing into opponenets and dealing major knockback, after Tina dashes through the stage Gumball walks back to the foreground.
028Sandslash Sandslash The creator rolled a 1-151 dice in to decide which Pokemon to put in this game and he got Sandslash, Sandslash can use his powerful claws and his ground-types attack, he can also dig underground to avoid certain attacks, though if he does this while on a floating platform he will fall right through. Drill Combo -Sandslash will dig underground and then he'll do an uppercut while spinning around like a drill if he hits an opponenet he will throw him up the air and start slashing him with his claws before throwing him to the ground, crerating an explosion that can send other opponenets flying if they have high damage.
Owari Akane Owari

Akane Owari is the second DR2 rep in this game, unlike Hajime she relies on more on meelee attacks and physical strength, however she does have her own Truth Bullets, though they are fewer and are weaker.

Tag Team - Akane kicks forward with a powerful kick, sending nearby opponents up in the air then she and Nekomaru start delivering lightning-fast attacks while keeping them in mid-air, tyhen Akane finishes off with a final kick that sends opponents flying.
Eren render by guiuraharakun-d6j5u0x Eren Jaeger Eren Jaeger, the Titan Slayer joins the battle! He can use his blades to attack opponents as well as his Maneuver Gear to jump around the stage and avoid attacks. Titan Form - Eren turns into his titan form where he becomes giant and extremely strong but very slow, after 15 seconds Eren turns back to normal.


Image Name Franchise Description
P ironmask Masked Marauder Pokémon This evil guy doesn't fight on his own but uses Pokémon hypnotized with his Dark Balls, these Pokémon are Charizard, Scizor and Tyrannitar, Charizard flies around and uses fire attacks, Scizor uses meelee attacks and Tyrannitar is a heavy monster who deals big damage.
480px-BowserJrSSB4Renderrrrrrrr Bowser Jr. Mario This turtle dragon thing is Bowser's son, he fights using his Clown Copter, though sometmes he may use his Magical Paintbrush or even turn into Shadow Mario temporarily.
Doom Dragon Doom Dragon Wander Over Yonder This devilish dragon lives in a nest on-top of a mountain, it attacks using his powerful fangs and....hands? It can also breathe fire AND ice.
Wither-boss-640x640 3385152 Wither Minecraft This monster attacks mainly with projectile attacks, htough he can explode a few times without actually dying...huh, his main method of attack is firing projectiles called Wither Heads, which not only explode upon contact but also give whoever touches them a Wither effect which slowly raises the victim's Damage Swirl.
Captainfoxy Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's Foxy is a possesed Animatronic, as you can see in the picture he's not in the best state as he was put out of order many years ago, he's considerably weak due to his state but he's somehow extremely agile being able to dodge attacks with ease, his main attacks are all meelee and mostly involve swinging his hook around, though in higher difficulties there's a 50/50 chance halfway through the battle that the player will get "hallucinations", which'll make it seem like Foxy's teleporting around, making it harder.
220px-SMW2 NavalPiranha Naval Piranha Mario This venus plant trap monster creature...beast, protectes the key to the Sukui, he attacks using his vines and even spitting fire, you can also take out the small lil' Piranha Plants at the end of it's vines, which is recommended since those also spit fire.
Hades SSB3M Hades (1st Fight) Kid Icarus Hades was following the gang all along!? Yeah, he was! This monster, powered up by the Sukui, becomes a devastating beast, he usually flies around in the background and pops up in the foreground, giving you a chance to attack him, he can attack firing projectiles and beams of energy.
Joker The Joker Batman The Joker is one of the best criminals in Scelus, he can fight on his own but he can also use special gadgets and even call his minions to attack the player.

Hades (2st Fight) Phase 1

Hades (2st Fight) Phase 2

Hades (2st Fight) Phase 3

Kid Icarus Hades is back and he's drained the power of the Core of Kasaverse, in his first phase he's enormous and he attacks by trying to crush you and by shooting lasers, you have to climb up to his head to attack directly, in his second phase you're both moving in a sort of scroling stage, he can attack on the foreground by creating fire pillars, shooting projectiles and throwing homing orbs, he can also attack similarly from the background, if you beat this form you'll move on to the final phase, which isn' really much of a fight, you need to use the Great Sacred Treasure Replica to dash to Hades in a 3D type environment, as you get closer to him he'll fire projectiles which you can deflect using the GST Replica's projectiles, yhe'll also throw enemies at you which you can destroy in a similar way.
De dipper clones Dipper Clones Gravity Falls These Dipper Clones, led by Number 10 ever since the events of Double Dipper, fight all together, and while they're all weak on their own, all of their strength combined can be devastating, some of their attacks are based on Dipper's while others have some changes, once you deplete half of their health, Paper Jam Dipper will appear, he's slower and weaker but deals quite a punch, and he's quite unpredictable, sometimes breaking apart from the group, other times he doesn't even attack once he's near you, making him hard to avoid.


Image Name Description
Park view The Park This stage is what is called a "3-phase stage", it starts off in the middle of The Park, just a plain stage with two big trees you can jump to at the corners, after a while Mordecai and Rigby will come driving by in the golf car and they will stay there for a few seconds to let the players jump on top of the golf car, once those seconds pass Mordecai and Rigby will drive off as a big monster chases after them, in this part you're restricted to a much smaller space, but after some more time Mordecai and Rigby will hit a bump, which will drop the players at the house's roof, where the opponents can move around the house's rooftops until the Bunch of Baby Duck's fused form comes on-stage fighting the same monster, after giving the player's a few seconds to get off the house's roof, the fight between the giant monsters ends up destroying the hous, making Benson come out screaming and chasing off the players back to the start.
17inchat Fantendo Chat In this stage, as the users chat about random stuff, the words serve as a platforms which can slowly push you upwards until you go past the blast line, so you always gotta keep moving, sometimes a "troll" wil come on-chat, he'll start spamming random things which make staying on-stage harder until he's banned from chat, how long it takes for him to get banned depends on how many admins are on-stage, usually it's random but you can always change it on your own in "Handicap"
HelpWanted-124ConchStreet 112 Conch Street The street where SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward live, this stage is plain though you can jump on top of the three houses, though if oyu stay at one for too long the house's owner will come out and act as a small hazard, Patrick will pop out of his rock and throw sand, if anyone gets hit by it their controls will be reversed for 10 seconds, Squidward will leave the house in anger, put ear plugs on and start playing his clarinet, if you are caught in the clarinet's range you will be slowed down for 10 seconds, and SpongeBob will go out the house confused while holding Gary, Gary will then jump out of his hands and chase the nearest players angrily, if he catches someone he will deal small damage to that player.
Strongbadia Strong Badia Strong Badia is a small field behind the dumpsters though Strong Bad claims it's a country for some reason, this stage is pretty plain and mostly serves as a Final Destination-type stage, even though special items like tires and bricks do spawn if you have items on.
280px-Wet-Dry World 64 Wet Dry World In this stage you start at the bottom, with some spiders trying to mess with you, if you hit one of the crystals enough, the water will rise and take you to the big platform, where sometimes a Heave-Ho may come in and throw you away, if you manage to hit the "cage" enough times it'll break and you'll fall into a small sunken village, where there aren't any stage hazards and you cna jump on-top of the rooftops,  after staying there for long enough a hole will appear out of nowhere in the ground and suck everyone in, then they come out of the other side back at the start before it's closed off by blocks.
Temple run retina ipad1 Temple Run As soon as you start, the players will be chased by a gang of monster monkeys, you must keep running and avoid fallig behind or else you'll lose a life, as you go through the stage you might find pits or branches which require you to jump and crouch respectively, this stage has no items regardless of wether you have items on or off.
Sonic casino night zone Casino Night Zone The stage is a plain shape with bumpers which you can use to bounce around the stage and some pits to the sides, there's also a slot machine in the middle, every so often you'll be able to jump in and, depending on the result, you'll either get a reward, a punishment or nothing.
Lollipop land thumb Lollipop Lands This stage consists of a slope in the middle that connects two platforms with pits at the side, in the middle of the slope there's also a pit but it's covered in iron blocks connected to a bomb block. As you fight, a tank might come in the background and shoot giant beach balls in the foreground, which deal big damage, though after a while it goes away. The tank may also destroy the pit covered in iron blocks by hitting the bomb block, after that it'll take a while for it to come back.
DistortionWorldVS Distortion World The stage's layout is simple, a big plain platform with a smaller platform to the left and a waterfall on the right, you can swim up the waterfall and you'll land in another platform in the ceiling with reverse gravity. Sometimes Giratina will appear on-stage and shoot powerful gusts of wind to send players away.
Pokémon Tower PO Pokémon Tower This stage takes place in the mazey graveyard tower of Lavender Town as it keeps scrolling upwards, meaning that not only you must deal with other players but you must face through obstacles to rise up and avoid falling down, obstacles include graveyards and sometimes Ghost Pokémon, this stage has no items except one unique item, the Sliph Scope.
Tetris-1 Tetris In this stage, you must try to avoid falling blocks as you keep fighting, the only way to die is to be thrown over the stage, which can easily be done if you're crushed by a block. This stage has two modes: One where it's green like Tetris for the Gameboy and another where it's more colorful, similar to Tetris for the NES.

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