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At last, I have done it! Yoshi and his pretty little island... will be no more.

Karmagikoopa by BionicPanther
Full Name Karmagikoopa
Current Age unknown
Gender Male
Species Magikoopa
Current Status Alive
Class Boss
Koopa Troop
Family and Relations
Ditzy Koopa (son) Mitzy Koopa (daughter)
Main Weapon(s) Wand
Vulnerable To Bob-omb thrown at his amulet
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Super Yoshi Babies

Karmagikoopa is the main antagonist of Super Yoshi Babies. He is a Magikoopa who despises Yoshis for their carefree, happy ways, which drove him to take over Yoshi Island.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Karmagikoopa wears a purple cape and hat and a darker purple gown with a crimson waistband. He holds a gold wand with a lavender jewel and wears a magic amulet.


Not much is known about his personality, despite the fact that he is mean, cruel, and able to hold a grudge for a long time. He can also be calm, but on certain circumstances can rage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Karmagikoopa is battled in the final boss level of Super Yoshi Babies, Karmagikoopa Klobber. He used mainly his wand in battle to fire magic blasts at Yoshi and Baby Bowser. After his defeat he angrily calls to his minions, the previous bosses, and they give the rest of their energy to him to transform him into Super Karmagikoopa. When in this form, he has extremely powerful strength and magic and can send explosions, Bob-Ombs, Chain-Chomps, and Spinies to attack Yoshi and Baby Bowser. To defeat him, Yoshi and Bowser must grab a bob-omb and toss it at his amulet he wears. They must do this 6 times before Karmagikoopa is defeated.



"Ha! You vish! I vould not do anything as foolish as zat."

"I'll make you pay!"


"Oh, shut up!"

"Fool vho tells!"


"Vell. I never."

"Leave this place... or die."