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Art for Lucky Charm by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)
Full Name Karis
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Species Cat/Feline
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Wall clinging, hand-to-hand combat
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 5"5
Sexuality Homosexual
First Appearance Lucky Charm (2016)

Karis is the deuteragonist of Lucky Charm, and a technical "sidekick" to Lucky during the game. Karis acts as a "polar opposite" to Lucky's pessimistic personality: optimistic and generally joyful, he puts it upon himself to make sure Lucky "doesn't be all sad".

Unlike Lucky and Shudi, Karis doesn't fight with a weapon or element: rather, he uses his claws, which have been sharpened to the point of being compared to tiny knives. He uses his claws to fight in a hand-to-hand style, as well as having improved wall climbing and clinging over his two friends.


Karis, contrary to Lucky's pessimistic nature, is happy-go-lucky and supportive, though it is revealed that a lot of this personality is in attempt to make sure Lucky has some happiness around him. Always keeping an optimistic personality with him, he's generally just a joyful guy. Nothing wrong with that.


Lucky Charm

As previously stated, Karis is the deuteragonist of Lucky Charm, as well as the default Player 2 character and one of four playable characters, alongside Lucky, Shudi, and Felix. Here, Karis, alongside Shudi, joins Lucky on his grand adventure across the Forestlands to lift the curse settled on Lucky. Karis here is the fastest character, but the least defensive, using hand-to-hand combat with his claws to attack, as well as having an improved wall-climbing/clinging ability over his other two feline friends.

Powers & Abilities






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