Karate Spongebob and Karate Sandy are both Spongebob's and Sandy's Ultamite Finisher in the 2014 fighting game Cartoon All-Star Rumble.
Spongebob and Sandy karate by Wierdo gurl

A fanart depiction of Spongebob and Sandy's karate.


Karate is a martial art that is used quite frequently in the Spongebob Squarepants series. Spongebob and Sandy are usually the only characters to use karate, although Squidward and Patrick have been seen using it before.


  • Spongebob's karate moves after obtaining the Finisher Sphere are quick and fast. The amount of damage caused by this ususally varies from 20-30% damage.
  • On the other hand Sandy's karate moves are much slower, but they are more powerful and can even knock out the oppanants if timed and mastered correctly.


  • Karate Spongebob along with Karate Sandy are one of the few Ultamite Finishers that are based off of their television show/movie rather than being original.

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