Full Name Karai
Current Age 25
Date of Birth 39 BLW
Gender Female
Species Fox
Location Corneria
Align good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
(not yet)
Ability/ies Not yet
Sexuality straight
First Appearance Star Fox :nightmare
Latest Appearance (Not yet)

Karai was once a member of Star Wolf and was best friends with Andrew the nephew of andross until she ultimately betrayed him and the team while working with Star Fox the whole entire time which she is best friends with Shinigmai and is the team of Team Star.


her history could be remain unknown which she however live in the same hometown with fox he begins to grow up she became friends with Andross nephew Andrew proceeded to have best friends or romantic feelings however he became completely in love with her his uncle who was once a good person but be completely open and drove with power immediately he was kicked out because of his criminal by general Peppy to another planet and use his body as a guinea pig however she was Undercover for Star Fox to find out more about his uncle's plans however Andrew became more concerned and worried about miwa who completely disappeared on and off until he became completely angry info and that she was working with Starfox the whole entire time and completely automatically betrayed him.

however at the finding out James Fox father was completely betrayed by Pigma who was working with Andross the whole entire time doing their mission and completely let Fox father be sucked in the black hole or died assuming the fans think that he died or got sucked in the black hole permanently deceased.

Lylat wars

After her teammates manage to stop wolf team from killing Nikita and took her back to their ship to restore her health at the she tell everybody what had they asked what about Fox she cried and told them that he is deceased as well however after a few days I'll be coming in pain everybody that she loved she manage to care about her as Nikita wants to get her strength back but karai teammate automatically provoke Nikita and automatically insulted her Crush Shinigami told Tochisuru not to interfere of their training battle against Damian after completely became in Rage of all the flashbacks of all her friends dying in front of our eyes and clothing Fox set her on a complete Rampage as karai watch Nikita automatically turn on by itself and give her boost of her attack however their leader of the team's stop them of going against their necks Nikita was still completely inrage and drove her sword to attack and was completely ready to slaughter him however they stopped her before she can make a complete mistake out herself and told her don't let him get to her.