Kara and The Chairman

Kara is a female officer working for Ultratechs Unnamed Chairman and a possible future DLC character for Killer Instinct X-box One.


Though her backstory was never revealed in her only appearance in the Killer Instinct comicbooks, her story is now fully revealed as the brainwashed and long lost daughter of Tusk and his previous wife Kira who died from cancer many years ago. Later discovered by ARIA and Ultratech, she was captured a week after her 26th birthday and turned into an immoral cyborg after surgically giving her bionic implants (arm, legs, spine, skull and pelvis) and experimenting on her father's immortal DNA flowing through her veins. During the war between Gargos, Eyedol and the team of heroes, she started regaining her memory little by little everyday before finally leaving Ultratech and joining her father and his fellow heroes against ARIA, Ultratech, Eyedol, Gargos and Kan Ra.

Character Bis

  • Name: Kara Watchman
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Scandinavian
  • Eye color: N/A
  • Hair color: Dirty Blond
  • Height: 5.5
  • Weight: Between 90 & 120 lbs before bionic implants, between 90 & 150 lbs after bionic implants.
  • Clothes: Black armored spandex, black tunic, black army boots, black silky cloves and a black coloured belt with yellow designs.
  • Intro quote: I must continue to defend this world.
  • Outro quote: And you thought you could actually defeat Me.
  • Attacks and MoveSet: TBA
  • Alliance: Good
  • Rivals: Gargos, Eyedol, Kan Ra, ARIA, Mira and Cinder

Allies: Tusk (father), Black Orchid, Jago, TJ Combo, Eagle Fulgore, Chief Thunder, Kim Wu, Maya (stepmother), Glacius, Saberwolf, Agonose, Hisaku and Rash (BattleToads).

Alternate Costumes

Retro: Based on her original comicbook appearance

FBI Detective: Her new job after leaving Ultratech

Notes and Trivia

She is the first comicbook exclusive Killer Instinct character to become a DLC playable character in the 2013 remake series of the videogame franchise.

Her last name comes from her father being a Watchman of the gods.

This version of Kara was inspired by the Marvel Comic heroine The Black Widow.

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