Kanto: 16 Years Later is a limited series comic created by Wario Inc. and written by Sr.Wario. It revolves around Yellow, a young boy living in Pallet Town, 16 years after Red became Pokémon Champion, on his journey to become Pokémon Champion, as well as run-ins with his childhood friend and rival Blue Oak, and battling to defeat Team Savior.


  • Yellow: A blonde-child who inherited Gary Oak's house after it was sold for a low price. Yellow lives middle-class leaning towards poor with his family struggling with money, especially after his father left to study Pokémon in Kalos. Yellow is innocent and kind and 11 years old. His starter is Bulbasaur.
  • Professor Oak: In his later years, Gary Oak has become Pokémon professor succeeding his grandfather who he always admired. He hates Red and wants Blue to become champion and "restore honor" to the family name. He allows Blue first choice between Yellow and Blue, and later on battles against Yellow.
  • Blue: Gary Oak's son, Blue seeks to become Pokémon champion. He is Yellow's best friend in the beginning, but they become distant and arch-rivals near the end. Blue's starter is Charmander.

Gym Leaders


Team Savior



  • 1: Gotta Catch Em' All: Yellow and Blue begin their journey with Bulbasaur and Charmander. They travel down Route 1 and argue as well as battle each other with Yellow succeeding. In Viridian City they split apart, as Yellow collects skates and enters a Pokémon center for the first time. Later, Yellow journeys to Pewter City and faces Brock's son Kant, and defeats him and gains the first badge. Yellow heads off to Route 3, disregarding an old man's warning of a Team Savior attack.
  • 2: Unwanted Help: Yellow finds that the old man told the truth and finds himself in a Battle Royale with Team Savior. He wins, but faces Silver, Team Savior's leader. Silver is impressed and requests that Yellow joins them, Yellow denies. Silver faces Yellow and easily beats him. Yellow is knocked out and wakes up and finds himself watching a comet, but realizes he is missing his Bulbasaur.
  • TBA









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