Kanka Ru: Summer Heroes is a game developed by Namcom. It is based on the Kanka Ru Series, and was released on April 2014 on the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita. The game introduces more playable characters than Kanka.


  • Kanka
  • Blockey: A blue polar bear that can freeze enemies.
  • Eel-ikenetic: A green electric eel with shocking powers.
  • Slice: A purple hedgehog that can shoot quils from his hand.
  • Magboar: A red boar that can do an earthquake with one stomp.
  • Muck: A yellow toad that gobbles up small minions.
  • Camaflougeon: A chameleon that can slow time and enemies around him.
  • Chunx: A black gorilla that can punch small minions high in the air.

Small Minions

These enemies are Kanka's size.

Big Monsters

These enemies are bigger than Kanka and have their own abilities.

  • Grizzly: Big bears that tear anything apart with their claws.
  • Cheat-Ah: Fast cheetahs that can run quick.
  • Snap Shell: Turtles that can snap a small minion in half.
  • Chirp Bell: Crickets that can summon small minions with their loud chirping.
  • TBA


Kanka and his friends found out there are hostile animals coming to invade their island. While on his way to stop these animals, Kanka meets 7 animals known as "Island Warriors". With their help, Kanka goes on an adventure to stop these evil creatures from taking over Tropica Island.

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