The Kangdarian Crest.
Greater Location Manjicorr, SP1DR Universe, Fantendoverse
First Appearance Kid Kiba
Current Ruler Fantendo Kart: Helden

Kangdara (also known as The City of Kangdara, Kangdara Town, Midneevil or The Republic of Hoohaushbisc Kangdara Station) is a large medieval-like town that is very supernatural. Many of the inhabitants here are Ghouls.


Kangdara was founded in the year 1872, when an explorer named Alexander Hoohaushbisc and his friend James Kangdara found a nice place for camping. In fact, they liked it so much, that they built houses here, and soon a large town formed. Days before the naming ceremony of the new town, Hoohaushbisc died, due to being mauled by a werewolf, leaving James Kangdara to be the mayor. James Kangdara named the town The Republic of Hoohaushbisc Kangdara Station, though it was later changed to Midneevil, then to simply Kangdara. James Kangdara built the Kangdara Tower in honour of Hoohaushbisc and himself, and he was later buried there after his death (aged 76).

Major Locations

Kangdara Tower

The major tourist attraction of Kangdara, and James Kangdara's resting place. The tower was once home to the two vampires Samantha Chi and Kid Kiba before they moved to the Ghoul Realm. The clock, that appears on the outside of the tower, is one of the portals to the Ghoul Realm.