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Kandy Shop is an upcoming multiplayer fighting game which is created, published, and developed as a collaboration between companies Simple Studios and Enigmatik Games. The game is scheduled to release on May 30th, 2016 for the Levianthan, Tesseract-9, R-Evolver and the Enigton consoles respectively. The game features a total of 30 playable characters along with 35 arenas, several modes, and a total of 7 bosses that are fought through each difficulty in the Arcade Mode.




Kandy Shop's main focus is to knockout as many players as possible similar to the Smash Bros style of game play. The game also features The Candy Combo Meter, which gradually builds up during any type of battle or boss battles.

The meter allows players to unleash unique combo moves in order to rack up damage towards others, or a finisher move which is used to K.O opponents when their damage at high percentage. Either move can be triggered depending on what button is pressed during gameplay however, if one is to be K.O'd with a full meter, the energy is drained and it cannot be used unless the player regains more energy when battling.


Arcade Logo (KS1) by WereWaffle

Arcade Mode is essentially the Single Player Mode of the game which takes inspiration from the Classic Mode of the Super Smash Bros Series. The mode begins with the "Sweet" difficulty setting and upon completion of it, the next level of difficulty is unlocked such as Salty, Bitter, Hot, Spicy and so on.

Each difficulty also contains a boss character, with the bosses either being defeated like a regular opponent or decreasing a health bar in order to defeat them. Upon completion of Arcade Mode (on any difficulty), the player is rewarded with a Fortune Cookie which may trigger a battle between an unlockable character or unlock a new stage.



Name Info Moveset

Gumm-Slash (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleGumm-Slash

An insane gummy bear who is notoriously known for brutally attacking others and wielding his his self-created Licorice Hooks which allow him to grab, swing, and slash anyone who is unlucky enough to come in contact with him, whenether it be far or close to this menace.
  • Bear Claw Brandish (Neutral)
  • Licorice Hook Spin (Side)
  • Dual Hook Copter (Up)
  • Clamp Chomp (Down)
  • Spin Slicer (Candy Combo)
Chunkle (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleChunkle A chocolate chip cookie mutant who came straight out of the ovens within the shop. He is known to deliver quick attacks and can also shoot chocolate chips in a gun-like fashion.
  • Choco Chip Shot (Neutral)
  • Chip Flip (Side)
  • Freshpop Hop (Up)
  • Choco Sludge (Down)
  • Chunks & Chips (Candy Combo)
Lolli (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleLolli A twisted lollipop who specializes in the arts of confusion and trickery which he uses against others on the battlefield. H. can also teleport and create decoys of himself out of thin air which can confuse his opponents.
  • Swirly Pop (Neutral)
  • Lanky Pop (Side)
  • Lolly Pop (Up)
  • Sleepy Pop (Down)
  • Knockout Pop (Candy Combo)
Jelloh (Kandy Shop)EDIT by WereWaffleJelloh A living blob of gelatin who is rumored to have horse fossils deep inside him. He is able to attack by growing, shrinking, cloning, and generating extra limbs in order to face off against others in the arena.
  • Gelatine Spit (Neutral)
  • Jelly Wave (Side)
  • Jel Cube Jump (Up)
  • Regenerate (Down)
  • Jelloh Monster (Candy Combo)
Niloss (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleNiloss A vanilla ice cream cone that thrives in the freezers of the Kandy Shop. He is silent but deadly, unleashing cherry bombs, chocolate whips, and ice cream scoops onto others that may come in contact with him.
  • Cherry Bomb (Neutral)
  • Scoop Throw (Side)
  • Cone Jet (Up)
  • Syrup Slinger (Down)
  • Sundae Smash (Candy Combo)
Gobber (Kandy Shop)EDIT by WereWaffleGobber A mutant gobbstopper being who happens to have a strong tail and electric powers. Despite not having any limbs other than his tail, he mainly uses his jagged mouth and his electricity to create the deadly Sparker Bite.
  • Sparker Bite (Neutral)
  • Mouth Muncher (Side)
  • Static Bounce (Up)
  • Tail Smack (Down)
  • Sugarshock (Candy Combo)
Sweeder (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleSweeder A fish who happens to be a master at karate, kung-fu, and ju-jitsu. He is able to deliver punches, kicks, fish slaps, and uppercuts towards anyone who may come in contact with him.
  • Gummy Orb (Neutral)
  • Flying Punch (Side)
  • Soaring Uppercut (Up)
  • Sheild-breaking Fishslap (Down)
  • Can-Jitsu Mode (Candy Combo)
Smorshmellow (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleSmorshmellow A faithful and loyal guard to Princess Peppermint. Meshed with graham crackers and chocolate, his main moves involve grabbing and smashing foes with his gooey hands and burning said foes with molten chocolate from the chocolate pipe protruding from his helmet.
  • Molten Chocolate Beam (Neutral)
  • Springing Headlock (Side)
  • Cocoa Copter (Up)
  • Mallow Mash (Down)
  • Hot Cocoa Crusade (Candy Combo)
Puddin (Kandy Shop) by WereWafflePuddin A girl that was born and raised in Tapioca Village. She may be sweet, but she has some sass, and she ain't shy in letting anyone know! Her prized weapons are her Dual Chain Spoons Maces, which aid her in combat by smashing, grabbing, grappling onto anything that gets in her way.
  • Spoon Spinner (Neutral)
  • Chain Choke (Side)
  • Spoon Springboard (Up)
  • Spoon Striker (Down)
  • Double Dippin (Candy Combo)
Princess Peppermint (Kandy Shop) by WereWafflePrincess Peppermint The fair ruler of the Peppermint Palace located in the Minty Isles. She also doesn't mind getting her hands a little messy in a fight, despite being a princess. Wielding her Candy Cane Cutlass alongside her, she is able to slice and flip around the battlefield at ease, making her seem like a pretty flexible opponent.
  • Spearmint Shooter (Neutral)
  • Candy Cane Charge (Side)
  • Peppermint Flip (Up)
  • Mint Twister Blitz (Down)
  • Peppermint Breaker (Candy Combo)
Sheriff Whipplash EDIT(Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleSheriff Whipplash A sheriff that specializes in capturing dastardly criminals in the town of Whippington. Accompanied with his trusty Twizzle Whip, he is able to grab, tie up, and completely lash out his whip onto others that are in his reach so watch out!
  • Twizzle Whiplash (Neutral)
  • A Thousand Whips (Side)
  • Pie-Horse Buck (Up)
  • Truffleweed Toss (Down)
  • Ready Whippaneer (Candy Combo)
Pretzelon (Kandy Shop) by WereWafflePretzelon A buff pretzel behemoth that sadly suffered from memory loss forgetting who he is and what was his purpose. He is a bit slow moving due to his enourmous size, but he can attack by using his claws, tail, feet and his Salt Shooter Breath which can sometimes penetrate through hard candy chields.
  • Salt Spit (Neutral)
  • Salty Slash (Side)
  • Pretzel Pogo-Stick (Up)
  • Tornado Tailspin (Down)
  • Salt Crisis (Candy Combo)
Cinnaburn (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleCinnaburn A hotheaded cinnamon wisp who for some odd reason can't melt icecream. Accompanied with his trusty Cinna Blitzer, he can summon exploding atomic firebombs and cinnamon smoke in order to face off other challengers.
  • Atomic Firebomb (Neutral)
  • Blitz Flamethrower (Side)
  • Cinnamonblitzer Jet (Up)
  • Smoldering Smoke Shield (Down)
  • Hot Cinnabuns (Candy Combo)
Gumdropp (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleGumdropp The owner of Club Sugarfizz with an ego that is the size of a jawbreaker, or at least that what others say about him. He brings his sweet beats to the battlefield by using his Gumdrums and Sour Bars in order to irritate and face off against opponents no matter what.
  • Music Note Scramble (Neutral)
  • Tagtable Spin (Side)
  • Beat Dropp (Up)
  • Juicy Jukebox (Down)
  • Berry Beats (Candy Combo)
Snowcon (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleSnowcon A mutant snowcone being who happens to call his large cup "home". His main attacks consist of throwing snowballs, using his abnormally long tongue to hit opponents with it, and puffing out Polar Breath in order to freeze foes.
  • Snowball Throw (Neutral)
  • Lickety Lick (Side)
  • Slush-Cup Rocket (Up)
  • Polar Breath (Down)
  • Freezerburn (Candy Combo)


There is a total of 15 unlockable characters within the game with each of them being obtained upon completion of modes or specific tasks.

Name Info Moveset

Kat-Katt (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleKat-Katt

A crazed chocolate cat who wears a thick a red sweater, a red cape, and the hunger of 1000 jaguars. He can scratch opponents from afar with the help of his flexible arms, and can grapple onto others while sinking his sharp claws into them which will deal some damage if you don't shake him off in time.
  • Wrapperball Throw (Neutral)
  • Charging Scratch (Side)
  • Alley Cat Airlift (Up)
  • Choco Claw Spin (Down)
  • Kat-Klaw Clash (Candy Combo)
Fang (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleFang The cocky and twisted leader of the Sugar Snatchers Gang. He doesn't really do much other than commanding his "members" to do stuff around town making him pretty lazy. Being a snake with limbs, he still inherits the ability to slither along with using his legs as an upgrade when he lunges at others and sinks his fangs into whoever comes in contact with him.
  • Rotten Slash (Up)
  • Neck Breaker (Side)
  • Torpedo Fangs (Up)
  • Licorice Lunge (Down)
  • Jaw Breaker (Candy Combo)
Gumbull (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleGumbull A bull who was bullied and insulted from his youth and today just for being pink. Fed up with all the insults, he enters the Sweet Treat Tournament in order to prove to his fellow herd back home that he is as strong as they are and that color doesn't matter. He is a heavy fighter and is able to charge and ram into anyone with his large horns. He also doesn't fall for the "red cape" trick so don't even try doing it.
  • Gumball Machine Bomber (Neutral)
  • Bubble Ram (Side)
  • Hornstuck (Up)
  • Powerup (Down)
  • Bubble Charge (Candy Combo)
Smarts (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleSmarts A young 13 year old scientist who hails from Candy College with a high 500 IQ. He is very skilled at mixing chemicals and creating machines and gadgets out of an assorted variety of candies and broken candy macinery alike. Wielding his inventions and trusty Shockotron Remote, he is able to electrocute any incoming opponents that are unfortunate enough to run into him.
  • Sourtron Shocker (Neutral)
  • Gobbshocker (Side)
  • Somento Jetpak (Up)
  • Cookie Land Mine (Down)
  • Taffy Taze (Candy Combo)
Carmella (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleCarmella A famous boxing kangaroo who reigns supreme in each ring she appears in. Upon hearing about the Sweet Treat Tournament, she signs up in order to provide herself with a challenge against opponents outside of the ring. She is an empty handed fighter relying on her arms, legs, speed, jumping abilities, and her own tail in order to deliver blows to others. She is merciless when it comes to combat, but outside of it all, she has a strong and caring heart.
  • Caramel Charging Punch (Neutral
  • Torpedo Taildriver (Side)
  • Tornadaroo Punch (Up)
  • Rib Crusher (Down)
  • Caramel Crunch Punch (Candy Combo)
Jelli B. (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleJelli B. A busy businessman who works hard in a minimum wage job for the company Altons in order to provide for his HUGE family. After hearing about the grand cash prize for the Sweet Treat Tournament, he enters the competition along with his cocoa suitcase in order to unleash speedy weapons and attacks from his said carrying case.
  • Suitcase Swingthrow (Neutral)
  • Bananarang (Side)
  • Cocoa Suitcase Grapple (Up)
  • Tick-Tock Taffy Bomb (Down)
  • Busy Body (Candy Combo)
Cupquake (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleCupquake A heavy-weight bodybuilder composed of cake batter and rock. His incredible strength allows him to smash his bare fists on the battlefield floor with no trouble. With the help of this technique, he is able to bury opponents in the ground or send them flying depending on how much damage they have. Keep caution and keep a sharp eye out for this powerful pastry!
  • Rock Wheyt (Neutral)
  • Buff Bound (Side)
  • Cake Updrifter (Up)
  • Ground Flour Pounder (Down)
  • Cakecrete Crush (Candy Combo)
Refrento (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleRefrento A flat orb-limbed being who is always happy and cheerful in any case. With his unique orb limbs in place, he is able to launch his arms, legs, tail and even his own noggin in order to provide a powerful impact on opponents from short and far distances.
  • Arm Assault (Neutral)
  • Leg Launcher (Side)
  • Head Rocket Sprokit (Up)
  • Tail Swinger (Down)
  • Soda Fondoom (Candy Combo)
Choc (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleChoc A dark chocolate ninja who was conceived and raised in a Dark Chocolate Factory in which he trained hard to become a professional fighter. After acquiring his new skills, he enters the Sweet Treat Tournament with the ability to vanish, create hot chocolate fireballs to launch at opponents, and the ability to dodge certain moves at a swift pace.
  • Hot Chocolate Fireball (Neutral)
  • Segmented Slider (Side)
  • Umber Vanish (Up)
  • Swift Dodger (Down)
  • Cocoa Carnage (Candy Combo)
Cottoneck (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleCottoneck A mutated bird who was formed from cotton candy within the Candy Carnival. He is able to use his beak to peck anyone at high speeds and is strong enough to carry others and throw them with his talons. His rate of recovery is also high due to his flight ability that none of the other characters inherit.
  • Spinning Conedrill (Neutral)
  • Rapid Cone Peck (Side)
  • Fairy Flyer (Up)
  • Sugarfloss Swish (Down)
  • Fairyfloss Flash (Candy Combo)
Dan (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleDan A well-rounded fellow who can roll at insane speeds that even rivals the speed of cars! With that being said, he can shoot rapid fire sprinkles and can grapple onto others through his "O" shaped mouth in order to squeeze the living daylights out of those who come in contact with him.
  • Sprinkle Shoot (Neutral)
  • Icing Rapid Spin (Side)
  • Swirling Spin (Up)
  • D'oh Nuts! (Down)
  • Muncherkins (Candy Combo)
Coconutty (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleCoconutty A cheerful coconut truffle snowman who sports a sweet and sour gummy worm scarf and a fancy hat. He is able to throw multiple coconuts or roll them like bowling balls which will increase in size if the attack is charged up. He can also throw his head at fellow opponents which will lead to his nose stabbing others upon impact.
  • Flying Coconuts (Neutral)
  • Coconut Roller (Side)
  • Coconut Water Wave (Up)
  • Noggin Launcher (Down)
  • Coconut Bowl (Candy Combo)
Puck (Kandy Shop) by WereWafflePuck A klutzy lemon-headed guy who trips on himself from time to time mostly when walking. Despite his trippy problem, he wields the ability to slow fighters down for a short period of time with his Sour Slowdown Wave, which provides enough time for him to make his move on his sluggish opponents.
  • Sour Slowdown (Neutral)
  • Sweet Trip (Side)
  • Sweets of Sorrow (Up)
  • Lemonade (Down)
  • Sour Stopper (Candy Combo)
Big P-Nutt (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleBig P-Nutt The nutty ringleader of the Sugar Circus who is famously known for his Licorice Lion Taming acts and his bushy mustache. This nut can summon marshmallow rabbits, berry birds, a barrel of monkey bread, and licorice lion cubs from his hat which is a major help for him when he is in need of assistance.
  • Funnelcane Flipper (Neutral)
  • Marshy Stunner (Side)
  • Berry Bird Lift (Up)
  • Barrel of Monkeybread (Down)
  • Carnival Carnage (Candy Combo)
Smorgy (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleSmorgy An inter-dimensional bounty hunter who is on a journey to become the greatest fighter in the universe. Due to all his traveling, he has harnessed raw sour energy which granted him with the ability to teleport and unleash pulsating sour beams at others. Not only that, he has also mastered the arts of mimicry, which allows him to copy certain non-projectile based moves from other fighters.
  • Mimic (Neutral)
  • Sourtron Mini Beam (Side)
  • Teleport (Up)
  • Sour Pulsate (Down)
  • Sourtron Giga Beam (Candy Combo)


The game features a total of 6 bosses, with the addition of a 7th secret boss being fought upon completion of the 6 original difficulties with all fighters.

Name Info Candy Combo

Granoli (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleGranoli

An wisecracking granola bar who is one of King Cluster's henchmen. He is known for his quick ninja-like movements and his overall obsession with his hair in which he despises those that touch it.

He is fought on the "Sweet" difficulty in Arcade Mode

Granola Groundbreaker
Flaxshot (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleFlaxshot The insane but loyal flax scientist who also happens to work for King Cluster. He is known to build machines entirely out of coconut shell shavings and flax wheat. With new his inventions, The Flaxscope and the Flaxwings, he is able to shoot others within the arena as well as soar in the air to avoid ground attacks.

He is fought on the "Salty" difficulty in Arcade Mode

Pie-Pie (Kandy Shop) by WereWafflePie-Pie ??? ???
Sugar Golem (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleSugar Golem ??? ???
Grizzler (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleGrizzler ??? ???
Cluster (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffleCluster ??? ???


Name Description

Fortune Cookie Cache



The game has yet to be rated, however it has received attention and praise due to the unique character cast and their designs, which led to increased hype for the game itself and growing love for the character cast.


  • This is the very first collaborated game to be created and developed by game companies Enigmatik Games and Simple Studios.
    • With that being said, Enigmatik Games announced that they and Simple Studios would work on more upcoming titles in the near future.
  • The game's roster was originally set with 20-25 playable characters, however it was changed to 30 when Enigmatik took the job as lead character designer, thus creating all concepts for the 30 playable characters in a day.
  • The game was announced in the summer of 2015 titled "Project Kandy Shop" which gained a reasonable amount of attention towards others.
  • Simple Studios originally planned a mode titled "No Holds Barred" which would essentially be a version of VS Mode with blood and gore. The idea was scrapped by Enigmatik Games due to the mode not fitting within the game's universe and the fact that none of the characters are human.

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