Ruby's POV

And so we went up the elevator once again, awaiting the fated trial. "Today is the second trial, and the second elevator ride." Samuel pointed out. "Enjoy it while you can, because one of us will be dying today."  "We already know that." Fae argued bitterly.

As we entered the trial room, Monokuma began to speak. "Before we begin, I'd like to point out that while you were all investigating, one of our students has been killed by me, your favorite monochrome bear, due to not following school rules."

"WHAT?!?!?!" Fae screamed. "WHO!?!?!?"

"One by the name of Rukia Tachibana....." Monokuma said menacingly, before reverting back to his cheerful, demented self. "Anyway, let's begin! Also, Rukia's death is completely irrelevant to our trial."

"Yeah, sure. Completely ignore one of our friends dying." Daniel muttered with disgust. "Friends?" I asked. "That's kind of a stretch." I peered at Fae. There seemed to be something wrong with her. She clasped her eyes shut and clutched her hair.

Then she laughed.

"HAHAHAHAHA! It feels GREAT to be back!" Fae(?) shouted. "W-What's gotten into you, Fae-Sama?" I ask with concern.

"What the hell is a Fae? I am SEER MANA, the Super Duper High School Level Psycho!"

"Hey, my title was Nutcase!" Tyler protested. "Nobody gives a crap, shit for brains!" Seer declared. "Let's get this stupid-ass trial rollin'!" 

"So, on the subject of the floorboards in the Equipment Room." I began. "It seems like the crime happened there, and the killer sloppily replaced the floorboards to make it seem like the crime didn't happen there, before using the tablecloth to move Cass' corpse to her room." 

"But what about, like, the piece of paper?" Hope Lee questioned. Samuel began to explain. "It looks like what happened was he found out the piece of paper could be glaring evidence, so he tore it and hid them in an attempt to not be found guilty." Hope spoke up once again, "But all we found one the paper was just a hollowed out circle!" 

"You got that wrong!" Drew exclaimed. "That simple circle is some of the best evidence yet." 

"But what could it possibly mean? It's just a feckin' circle, for god's sake!" Fae objected eccentricly.

"No. A music note." Drew began to explain. "A circle with a hollowed out center represents a whole note in sheet music. Isn't that right....Nick Lumerio?"


"Then take off your hoodie and prove it." Samuel smirked. Nick reluctantly unzipped his hoodie and tossed it to the side, revealing splotches of blood on his shirt. "Alrighty then. I did it. Are you happy now?" 

"Upupupupu!" Monokuma snarled, ready to push the red button. "You bet I am! It's execution time!" 

Nick was then grabbed by a large mechanical arm and flung to the back of the room, where two horizontal walls came and crushed him, leaving him as a bloody, musical mess. 

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