Fae's POV

I sat at the cafeteria table, uneasy. The deaths of Claus and Rin have stained our memories, and we knew there was no going back. To my right I see five people conversing, with Leah Desdemona among them. 

"Uh, hey." I say to her shyly, trying to get her attention. "Thanks for helping me out during the trial." 

"No probs!" Leah replied with a smirk. 

"Well, there should be SOME way I can make it up to you, Leah-sama." I state politely, as I listen to the others' conversation. 

"Like, what's with Rukia all the time? I mean, like, she doesn't seem to do anything beyond, like, insulting everyone!" blabbers Hope Lee. With a title like Ultimate Diva, she's about as airheaded as I expected her to be. 

The Ultimate Nutcase then decides to chime in. "Well, maybe if we wish upon a shooting star, magical unicorn cats will open the doors and free us!" 

"Tyler, you're insane." I mutter.

"And your point is?" 

"Well..." Samuel Buvelle, the Ultimate Deceiver, begins. "Who do you think is behind all this?" 

"Is it possible that it could be one of the 13 of us remaining?" I wonder aloud. 

"I believe that's probably the case." Sam replies in a very calm and collected tone, in contrast to the other two.

I then hear a voice trying to get my attention. 

"Uh, um, hey. You're the Ultimate Escape Artist, right?" I turn around to see the voice belonging to Daniel. 

"Well, I guess. I'm not sure if the titles mean anything anymore though. Unless it's something like yours." I answer. 

"So, who do you think this mastermind is?" Samuel asks. 

"It's definately, like, totally Rukia!" Hope declares obnoxiously.

"You know, that doesn't seem to farfetched...." Leah replies, pondering.

I then hear his voice blaring through the speakers.

"Eh? What's all this talk about a mastermind? Upupupupu!"

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