Fae's POV

Monokuma popped up standing on the middle of the table. "Enjoying yourselves, students?" 

"FUCK NO WE AREN'T!" I heard a voice coming from across the cafeteria. Vixon Pryce stomped all the way to our table. "WHAT KIND OF GAME IS THIS!!??!?" He asked, screaming his lungs out. 

"Upupu! Relax, Pryce!" Monokuma replied joyously. "Come to the Auditorium! You don't want to miss your big motive!" 

The seven of us exited the cafeteria and followed the others. For a second I saw Nick and Cassandra talking, but I wasn't able to hear anything they were saying.

There were 16 seats, and we all sat down. I felt uncomfortable, as the extra seats reminded me of what had happened, and what was almost the end of my life. Monokuma gave us CDs and computers, and I inserted mine, fearful of what's to come. I saw...home? 

No... No!

I collapsed to my knees, my body unstable from what I just saw. That bear's maniacal laughter and the image of Claus and Rin dying filled my head, and I broke down crying. 

"YOU IDIOT! YOU INSUFFERABLE MORON!" I hear Rukia yell. I've never seen Rukia crack like that before, but frankly I could care less. What Monokuma thought to be silly games were days of torment that would only stack up on each other with each attempted escape, with each murder, and no way of escape. This is a place where hope has no meaning anymore.

Or was that Monokuma's goal all along? I couldn't help but wonder if that were the case, but I didn't care anymore. I didn't care about any of the silly affairs of this place. I was lost in a maze of despair, with no exit in sight. "Upupupupu!" Monokuma laughed at the sight of us breaking down, and his laugh echoed through my brain with no sign of stopping.  

"Hey, Izumi-san!" I hear Hotaru's voice coming my way. "N-Need any help?" he asks. "L-Leave me alone." I mutter with tears pouring from my eyes. 

"Don't worry, Fae. We'll get out of this." He says softly. "I can understand what's going on, but we can't let that jackass bear get the better of us. This is what he WANTS-"

I slap him, cutting him off. "I DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT HE WANTS OR DOESN'T WANT! I just...I...I..." I once again break down crying. Despair is contaminating our lives and there is no way out, no matter what Hotaru or any of the others say.  

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