Drew's POV

This is it. This was the big one. Hope's Peak Academy, one of the most famous high schools in the world. And the staff that worked their noticed my writing and took me in. It was....very mind-blowing, to say the least. And I didn't even need a sappy love story or a big-budget sellout movie to back me up! Today was the big day. As soon as I woke up, I got dressed, packed everything up, and in 15 sharp minutes I was all ready to go, almost as if I was practicing my preperations like some glorified dance routine. Then the thought stabbed through my excited visions like a knife of truth. I was leaving my friends and family behind, to go to this school I barely even knew about. But there was no turning back now.

I was dropped off at Hope's Peak Academy, and while it looked a little....eriee, it didn't seem that bad. But literally the moment I stepped in, everything changed.

"Shouldn't he be awake by now?"

"Come on, Ruby, don't act like it didn't happen to all of us."

"True....I just hope he's alright." 


"What's the matter, Tachibana-kun?"

"Nothing it's just that-"

"Just what?"

"You.....are both.....idiots." 

I hear faint voices before the signal is sent to my brain for me to awaken. When I wake up, I find myself on a table with 3 other girls. One with blonde and pink hair, one wearing a magician's hat, and one almost gothic looking, with black hair and dark brown eyes.

"Oh, hello there." Says the magician. "My name is Cassandra Ravenn."

"So, let me get this straight....did I just like, fall asleep or something?" I ask. It wasn't like me to be so drowsy.

"Oh don't worry! We all did!" the blonde replied cheerfully, which sounded unintentionally creepy. "By the way, my name is Ruby Enkai." 

"That's.....weird." I say, almost forgetting to introduce myself. "Oh, and I'm Drew Mercer, by the way."

"I have a weird feeling about this place...." Cassandra admits, and I nodded in agreement.

"Oh I'm sure everything's fine." Ruby replies, trying to make us feel more comfortable here. "Right, Rukia? Rukia?" 

"Oh not this again...." Cassandra sighes.

I have a feeling I'm not gonna like her much.

"Whatever." Ruby says, shrugging it off. She then grabs my arm.  "Come on, let's talk to the others!" 

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