Cassandra's Perspective

We were called to the lobby for another meeting due to the murder of Claus Korosu.

"Well then!" Monokuma began in his vile, sinister voice, "Now that we got our first victim, let's discuss the Class Trial!" 

"Class Trial?" Daniel asks.

"What, you thought that all you had to do was kill someone?" Rin replied. 

"Exactly, Rin!" Monokuma chimes. "We have a class trial to discuss who the murderer is. If you chumps get it right, then the murderer gets executed! If you get it wrong, though....the murderer is set free, and everyone else dies a horrible death! Upupupupu!" 

I looked around the room. Everyone was stressed out. 

So me, Drew, Leah, and Rin investigated the crime scene. First red card was that the blood seemed to track all the way to...Fae's room? Now this was interesting. 

"It looks like he got beaten to death with some sort of blunt object. No sign of any cuts or slices." Leah pointed out. "And is that....Fae's hair?" 

"Why yes." Rin responds rather quickly, examining the few strands of purple hair left behind on the desk. "This means there must have been a struggle between Fae and Claus, assuming Fae was the murderer."

"Which she probably is," I hypothesized. "Especially considering the blood track down to her room." I then noticed that Drew was almost completely silent during the investigation. Eventually, me and Rin left for more evidence, leaving Drew and Leah still investigating the crime scene.  I took a peak into the room, and saw that Drew had turned the body around, revealing two hand-like bloodstains on the back of the corpse. I then rushed to catch up with Rin. 

"Upupupupu! Trial time!" Cheered Monokuma in that horrible voice of his. We were all standing in a circle, with seats for all of us with two extra seats. One of them was where Claus' seat would have been, and in his place was a grey picture of Claus with a red X drawn over his face. 

"OK, let's start with the obvious here." I began. "Fae is the killer." 

Fae gasped. Drew, Rukia, and Leah remained completely silent. Rukia was just being Rukia, but I had a feeling Drew and Leah are on to something. 

Fae freaked out. "What is your proof?!??!" 

"You left strands of your hair behind at the crime scene. Not to mention the blood tracking all the way to your room." Rin said, and the case might as well been concluded. Fae stood there, dumbfounded, as if trying to make it seem like she didn't do it. 

The general consensus was that Fae was the killer, but Drew and Leah still didn't chime in.

"Well, it looks like Fae Izumi has been voted guilty." Monokuma says, about to bang his gavel on a red button. But suddenly, for the first time in hours, Drew spoke up. He simply exclaimed one mere sentence.

"You got that WRONG!"

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