Drew's POV


That was the one thing that filled the room. Absolute silence. After examining the corpse of Claus and viewing the brutal execution of Rin, there was little left to say. Most of us were gathered at the cafeteria, but...what was there to say, really? 

Our silence was interrupted by Vixon banging his fists on the table. "THIS IS SO STUPID!!!" He screams, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. 

"Will you shut your worthless mouth?" Cassandra muttered. She seemed more bitter then when we last talked. "Still angry about gettin' your ass beat last trial, huh?" Hotaru joked. "Uh, Hotaru-sama, that seems kinda mean to say." Ruby chimed.

"Sorry, I just....I've been in a bad mood. I'm especially worried about Ms. Izumi. She got pretty spooked by that tape. We all were." Hotaru replied.

"No worries!" Leah exclaimed enthustiastically. "We'll find a way out. We just need to beat that Mono guy." "The bear didn't just spring to life one day and say 'Hm, I'm gonna trap 15 high scoolers in a building and have them kill each other!,' you know. There's obviously a mastermind among us." Samuel theorized. "We don't have time to worry about that right now." Cass objected. "We need to find a way to escape." 

And so, we split up. Me and Nick searched through the library. I saw what looked like a vent at the top of one of the walls, and tried to enter. I contacted Hope, and she got us a ladder from the equipment room. I bang my fists against the entrance to the vent, but no. Nothing. It was as futile as any other possible escape plan. Leah couldn't be more right. We had to get rid of the root of the problem: Monokuma. The three of us examined more rooms. In the kitchen, we made sure to hide all knives in futile hopes to delay a murder. 

But we were too late. 

"Bum Bum Bum!" Monokuma's voice boomed. "A corpse has been found!" 

"No." I scream. "NO!" We meet up with Hotaru Akane at the auditorium and he leads us to the scene of the crime. Once we reach our destination, Nick opens the door to Cassandra's room. As the door creaks, we see the scene of the crime. 

Smack dab in the middle of the room, Cassandra's corpse rested, with an X carved into her stomach. 

"That's, like, weird." Hope Lee remarks. "There are very little bloodstains." 

"Well, I guess we should begin investigating." I say, innerly mourning for the lose of one of my first friends at Hope's Peak Academy. 

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