Kanashimi Ronpa is a fanfic and spin-off of the popular Dangan Ronpa series, focusing on Drew Mercer and 14 other students trapped in a school, dealing with murder mysteries and demented monochrome teddy bears. It makes sense, dammit!




(Bold = Male Student, Italics = Female Students)

  • Drew Mercer: Ultimate Writer
  • Ruby Enkai: Ultimate Party Planner
  • Claus Korosu: Ultimate Swordsman
  • Hotaru Akane: Ultimate Class Clown
  • Rukia Tachibana: Ultimate Loner
  • Samuel Buvelle: Ultimate Deceiver
  • Rin Tamashii: Ultimate Cult Leader
  • Daniel Shiro: Ultimate Logician
  • Leah Desdemona: Ultimate Artist
  • Vixon Pryce: Ultimate Fury
  • Tyler Kaiden: Ultimate Nutcase
  • Cassandra Ravenn: Ultimate Magician
  • Nick Lumerio: Ultimate Musician
  • Fae Izumi/Seer Mana: Ultimate Escape Artist/Ultimate Psycho
  • Hope Lee: Ultimate Diva


  • Monokuma, "Principal" of Hope's Peak Academy 

Killed Students

Student Gender Status
Drew Mercer Male Alive
Ruby Enkai Female Alive
Claus Korosu Male Deceased
Hotaru Akane Male Alive
Rukia Tachibana Female Deceased
Samuel Buvelle Male Alive
Rin Tamashii Female Deceased
Daniel Shiro Male Alive
Leah Desdemona Female Alive
Vixon Pryce Male Alive
Tyler Kaiden Male Alive
Cassandra Raven Female Deceased
Nick Lumerio Male Deceased
Fae Izumi/Seer Mana Female Alive
Hope Lee Female Alive

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