Kamen Rider Bladerz is a crossover game of video game characters.


Playable Bladerz

Mack(Kamen Rider Bladerz)

Toad(Kamen Rider Quantum)

Sonic(Kamen Rider Ani)

(Kamen Rider Overdrive)

Mr. Game & Watch(Kamen Rider Mercury)

(Kamen Rider Wolf)

Unlockable Bladerz

(Kamen Rider X)

The Chum Koopas(Kamen Riders Soak and Rain)

R.O.B.(Kamen Rider Cyborg)

Megaman(Kamen Rider Dino)

Villian Bladerz

Bowser(Kamen Rider Turtle)

Ripper(Kamen Rider Japan)

Ridley(Kamen Rider Smoker)

See also

Kingdom Hearts Decade

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