The Koopa Magician
Universe Uoshi
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances ---
Recent Game 'Wii U Yoshi's Woolly World
Availability Starter
Final Smash Mega Broom/Army Summon

Kamek makes his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Kamek is a unique fighter as he remains on his broomstick at all times. This gives him higher speed that's contrary to what people think about him. However, he has very bad traction thus making him a bit hard to control. In addition Kamek is a rather technical fighter that relies of powering himself up magically while depowering his foes as well as summoning common enemies to aid him. Aesthetically, he appears as he does in most Super Mario Bros. games but with a more colorful look.


Kamek is a magic fighter that utilizes various magical attacks to either increase his own power or to weaken his opponents. As leader of the Magikoopas, he is the strongest in this type of magic and is capable of very strong magical attacks. Some of his most versatile and strongest magical ability in his repertoire is the ability to summon baddies that align themselves with the Koopas and magically enhance them to make them larger and stronger. He often zooms around the stage on his trademark broom which makes him a quick and aerial fighter. Player who pick up Kamek need to to understand his magical capabilities and, when they master them, can become a force to reckon with.

Due to his magic prowess, he must need time to activate this magic which can make him vulnerable and many of his magic has side effects along with dealing damage. Kamek has a high learning curve that rewards technical and strategic game play.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Wand Blast 4%, 5% Kamek fires a blast from his wand that does damage close up. Pressing the attack button right after delivers a second blast that deals further damage and knock back.
Forward Tilt Broom Poke 7% Kamek pokes his broomstick handle forward; slighting pushing him forward. Can be used as a shield poke.
Up Tilt Wand Rise 3% (hit 1), 8% (hit 2) Kamek slams his wand forward and then hits upwards while throwing out magic.
Down Tilt Wand Twirl 4% (per hit) Kamek twirls the wand downwards; dealing 4% damage each hit and twirls it 3 times.
Dash Attack Broom Boost 8% (start), 5% (end) Kamek uses magic to boost himself forward, dealing damage in the start up of the attack though doing less as he travels forward. It has a long traveling distance but causes him to slide upon the end of the attack.
Forward Smash Wand Volt 25% (charge, clean), 17% (uncharged, clean), 20% (charged late), 25% (uncharged late), .5x (projectile absorption) Kamek fires magic from his wand that creates a ball in front of him. It does multiple hits and then launches the opponent at the end of attack. It can also absorb energy based projectiles such as Samus' Charge Shot to increase the power by .5x.
Up Smash Magic Dome 23% (clean charged), 16% (uncharged clean), 19% (charged late), 14% (uncharged late) Kamek fires a dome that covers over on top of him. Charging it causes the dome to become larger and stronger. It is capable of reflecting weak projectiles and protect Kamek from melee attacks after putting up the dome/
Down Smash Broom Spin 20 (clean charged), 13% (uncharged clean), 16% (charged late), 10% (uncharged late) Kamek spins on his broom while ejecting out magic from his wand. It can damage on both sides and also pushes Kamek slightly to the way he was facing prior to the attack but causes him to stop at the opposite side. It juggles opponents and launches them upwards.
Neutral Aerial Energy Ball 2% (per hit) Kamek fires a ball of energy that does 2% damage per hit and is capable of dealing 4 hits altogether with the last hit dealing the most damage.
Forward Aerial Aerial Blast 14% (close), 9% (far) Kamek fires a magical blast that travels for a short distance. It does more damage closer to Kamek than further from him.
Forward Aerial Boom Broom 18% (clean), 12% (late) Kamek causes magic to shoot from the back of him broom; dealing damage. It does more damage on a clean hit rather than a late hit.
Up Aerial Cloud Duster 2.5% (per hit) Kamek turns upside down and begins wave his broom back and forth. Each hit causes hitstun and is a good guard against opponents looking to attack above. He flips back to the right side after the attack.
Down Aerial Broom Stab 6% (aerial), 9% (grounded), 7.5% (landing) Kamek turns down and uses the broom boost to thrust him straight downwards. It will slam opponents down with him and slam them into the ground. He will get stuck into the ground afterwards for several seconds before he can pull himself out.
Grab --- --- Kamek grabs with magic.
Pummel Zap 2.5% Kamek zaps the opponent with magic energy.
Forward Throw Broom Slap 5% Kamek lets go of the opponent and then slaps them away with the straw portion of the broom.
Back Throw Wand Levitate 7% Kamek takes the opponent, hoists them using magic over his head, and tosses the opponent back behind him.
Up Throw Magic Slam 2% (throw), 4% (slam), 2% Kamek hoists the opponent up about 6 Kamek bodies up and slams them into the ground in which then launches them up into the air.
Down Throw Cleaning Time 2% (per hit), 3% (throw) Kamek slams the opponent done, swpas them back and forth three times. On the last hit, Kamek then launches the opponent forward with a strong broom push.
Floor Attack (front/back) Guardian Magic 6% Kamek casts a magic orb that swirls around hum, dealing 6% on both sides.
Floor Attack (trip) Broom Sweep 5% Kamek twirls him broom behind him; hitting anyone behind. It does 2% on the first hit and 3% on the last hit.
Edge Attack Broom Pierce 4.5% Kamek takes his broom and stabs forward into the opponent in front of him. He then jumps onto his broom.

Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Minion Summon Varies Kamek can summon one of four minions: Shy Guy, Piranha Plant, Koopa Troopa, or Milde. He summons the minion in this order. I order to summon, he will cast a magic by holding down the special button. Once it's ready, he will summon one of the minions but in an order that appeared above.
Neutral Special Minion Summon (Shy Guy) 5% (dive), 3% (jump) Kamek summons the Shy Guy. It is the weakest and can easily be defeated. It will dive or jump for attacks.
Neutral Special Minion Summon (Piranha Plant) 10% (bite), 4% (fire) Kamek will summon the Piranha Plant which will stay motionless but can bite nearby opponents or fire fireballs. It has strong attacks but easily to defeat.
Neutral Special Minion Summon (Koopa Troopa) 3% (dive), 5% (punch), 8% (shell) Kamek will summon a red or green Koopa Troopa that can either and slide on the ground for attacks, punch, or become a shell and push forward. Defeating it causes it to become an enemy.
Neutral Special Minion Summon (Milde) 4% (stomp), 7% (roll) Kamek summons Milde which will walk across the ground and roll along. It is unable to be defeated by weak attacks as they just bounce off and send opponents flying from the hit back.
Custom 1 Quick Summon Varies It doesn't effect the minion's damag eoutput. Kamek doesn't have to charge the summon but the summon has a shorter duration of time on the field and has lower HP points.
Custom 2 Random Summon Varies Kamek summons a random minion which has more HP and longer duration.
Side Special Magic Boost Broom 2% (broom head per hit), 5% (kamek), Kamek boosts forward and slams into the opponent with the broom. It does more damage when the head of the broom and causes the opponent to be pushed forward. It can be used as a horizontal recovery move.
Custom 1 One Strike Broom 16% (clean), 13% (late) Kamek boosts forward on the broom. If the broom comes into contact with an opponent for a clean hit, it makes a PING sound and launches the opponent upwards but puts Kamek into a freefall state.
Custom 2 Charge Boost 15% (uncharged), 24% (charged) Kamek can charge this attack though it is slower than the default with ending lag. It can also cause Kamek to suicide if it misses over a ledge. It does more damage on the impact.
Up Special Magi-Warp 5% (warp) Kamek can warp and travel a distance and then reappear. When he warps, triangles and squares appear swirling around him. Tilting the control stick affects the warp.
Custom 1 Daze Warp 0% Instead of dealing damage, the warp causes a daze effect on the opponent or a freefall state while in the air.
Custom 2 Grounded Warp 3% (warp), 8% (warp grounded) It deals less damage on the warp but more damage to a grounded opponent. It also causes to bury the opponent when Kamek warps out.
Down Special Transformation --- Kamek casts a spell that is held by charging it. Releasing it causes him to fire the spell. It doesn't have an effect on an opponent but causes his minion to grow larger, deal more damage, and have more launch resistance than it's regular size for a short duration of time. Using it constantly reduces the duration.
Custom 1 Long Range Transformation --- It lengthens the distance Kamek can transform his minions with the shot traveling some distance.
Custom 2 Defense Transformation --- It does not increase the size as much as the default but drastically increases the defense stats of his minions. They can take more damage than before and have super armor.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Magic Blast 8% (fire damage), 6% (ice damage), 0% (water damage), 1.5% (poison damage) Kamek fires a magical blast. Holding down the special button charges the magic but also changes the color of the gem on the wand. The color alters the type of magic it produces: Red (produces fire and does fire damage), Light Blue (produces ice and can freeze opponents), Blue (produces water and can do higher knockback), Purple (delivers poison damage over time), and Pink (produces a flower on the opponents head). T\It lasts for several seconds before vanishing.
Custom 1 Magic Boost --- Magic boost changes the color of the wand but, rather boosts Kameks stats. Red increases power, Light Blue increases jump, Blue increases defense, Purple increases special attack, and Pink increases speed. It lasts for several seconds before vanishing.
Custom 2 Magic Spell 16% (uncharged), 19% (charged) Kamek can trade status effects between himself and the opponent. It grows in damage when charged up fully though it moves slower. It also changes the physical appearance of the spell.
Side Special Magikoopa 0% Kamek summons three Magikoopas that circle around him. They can protect Kamek from attacks but will vanish when hit by an attack. They don't do any damage when they make contact.
Custom 1 Heavy Koopa 4% (per hit) Kamek summons three Magikoopas but they move slower but have more HP and last getting hit by other attacks. They also do damage when they make contact with an opponent.
Custom 2 Counter Magikoopa Varies The Magikoopa appears in front of Kamek and will counter an attack when hit. It will slam the opponent with the wand; dealing damage that is equal to what was given.
Up Special Broom Rocket 7% (per spark) Kamek causes the end of his broom to become a rocket which propels him forward into the air. Just pressing the input causes him to begin flying in the air allowing the player to control Kamek. On occasion, the broom will shoot out sparks which do damage.
Custom 1 Burnout Broom 1.5% (per hit), 3% (flame), 20% (explosion), 5% (Kamek) Kamek shoots directly upward and unable to control the direction of the broom. He takes off with an intense ignition that burns anyone below Kamek. It is also capable of hitting opponents above Kamek upwards and will continue hitting. After a certain amount of time, Kmaek's broom will explode dealing high damage to the opponent and 5% damage to Kamek resulting him falling to the ground in a helpless state.
Custom 2 Loopy Broom 5% (start up), 10% (loop), 3% (end) Kamek will shoot forward, perform a loop that knocks players upwards, and then ascend slightly dealing an additional hit. It can perform three hits total.
Down Special Warp Portal 0% Kamek opens up a warp portal that has no effect with only one is on the stage. However, opening a second portal will allow passage between them no matter the distance. Placing a third destroys the first portal. Opponents push through the portal do not receive damage but will be teleported to a different location. It also traps items and projectiles though not Final Smashes. If Kamek goes through a warp portal, he encounters a helpless state. It can be used as a recovery move.
Custom 1 Violent Warp 10% (portal warp) Much like the default but it performs damage during the warp portion to anyone but Kamek. However, placing the warp portal takes much longer and it stays open for a a shorter duration of time.
Custom 2 Launch Portal 0% Much like the default but it causes a launch from the portal either up or down to opponents and Kamek. The launch is specific to the amount of damage they have. It doesn't deal damage.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Mega Broom 15% (clean), 10% (late), 4% (push), 20% (slam clean), 18% (slam late) Kamek vanishes and summons a huge broom that descends onto the stage. The player can influence where it goes like tilting the control stick right or left. During the Final Smash, the broom will sweep back and forth. It will do horizontal knockback at it sweeps to left but will carry opponents as it sweeps to the right, knocking them to the right. In addition, it will also produce gusts that push players around. Finally, pushing up on the control sitck causes it to be raised and then slamed to the ground for further damage.
Final Smash 2 Army Summon Varies Kamek will summon random enemies from his Minion Summon special without needing any time to cast the spell. As soon as the minion is summoned, it transforms into it's mega sized. Each minion has enhanced strength, HP, and damage output also super armor. When one minion is KO'd, Kamek summons a new one. He is vulnerable during the Final Smash but the player can control him albeit will stop when casting the magic.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Kamek twirls his staff into the air and sparks shoot out. (Up)
  • Kamek takes off his glasses, polishes them, and puts them back on. (Right)
  • Kamek spins around on his broom while laughing. (Left)
  • Kamek takes off his hat and causes it to vanish and then causes it to reappear on his head. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Kamek twirls in the air on his broom and laughs.
  • Kamek summons his broom and jumps up.
  • Kamek holds up his hands and cackles.

On Screen Appearance

  • A vortex of magic appears and Kamek flies out from it.
  • Kamek appears out of a vortex with 3 other Magikoopas. They then vanish.
  • Kamek flies in from the front on his broom.

Victory Animations

  • Kamek jumps up and down. On the third jump, he summons his broom and jumps onto it.
  • Kamek sits on his broom while laughing and pointing.
  • Kamek shoots some sparks from his wand.
  • Kamek and his Magikoopa are seen laughing at the screen.
  • Kamek throws magic from the scepter into the air while laughing.
  • Kamek causes himself to grow larger and then shrinks back down via magic.

Losing Animation

  • Kamek slowly claps his hands while looking down.
  • Kamek folds his arms and looks away.
  • Kamek throws a tantrum and yells silently.

Crowd Cheer

Group cheer “Ka-ka-Kamek!”

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of "Kamek's Theme" utilizing the beginning portion of the song up to 0:15 that tuned along with the flourish.

Fighting Stance

Kamek is on top of his broom as he bobs up and down. One hand holds the broom shaft while the other hand wields his wand.

Idle Poses

  • Kamek leans forward and peers ahead.
  • Kamek causes his broom to bounce up and down more actively.
  • Kamek swings his wand in the air for a full rotation.
  • Kamek brings the shaft of his broom slightly upwards and laughs.

Misc Animations


Kamek lowers his broom closer to the ground and he lowers his body closer tot he shaft of the broom; almost to the side.


Kamek visibly yanks his broom up while jumping. The tip of the broom points upwards as he travels but then downwards as he descends.


Kamek spins into the background and then into the foreground.


Kamek moves forward with his broom handle slightly pointing downwards with Kamek elevated slightly.


Kamek has even more an even more exaggerated form than his walking animation with being more elevated and his handle pointed downwards. Sparks fly from the broom.


Kamek lies on the ground on his back while holding his broom in one hand.


Kamek falls on his stomach while holding his broom.


The tip balances on the edge while Kamek sways back and forth while saying "gah!"

Home-Run Bat

Kamek stands on his broom and swings forward with the bat.

Star KO

Kamek goes "HEEEEKYAAAA!!"

Screen KO

Kamek slams into the screen and goes "KAH!" with one hand on the broom and his glasses cracked.


Kamek's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

"Kamek is the leader of the Magikoopas and one of Bowser's most trusted allies. In fact, he may have raised Bowser from a toddler to an adult if Baby Bowser is in fact a grown-up Bowser. Regardless, Kamek has been helping Bowser as well as devising his own schemes. Kamek is an excellent spell caster and can cast various spells such as warp, elemental, and even summoning minions and transforming the minion to extremely large sizes. Kamek doesn't only utilize magic but can also fly around using a broom! The speeds he can achieve while on the broomstick is dizzying!"

Kamek (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Yellow

"Kamek is capable of not only using magic but can summon minions to come to his aid! He can summon numerous baddies such as Shy Guys, Mildes, Piranha Plants, and Koopa Troopas. However, these baddies aren't invincible and can be defeated without much trouble. It takes some time for Kamek to cast his summon spell so Kamek must be smart on when and where to cast the spell. The minions are great for both attacking as well as being used as a shield! Kamek may be a spell caster but the well being of his peons are not the top on his list."

Kamek (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Green

"Kamek is capable of using his broomstick for high-speed transportation. Either from the broom or through magic, Kamek can cause his broom to propel him forward at high speeds. It expels blasts of fire that will give Kamek spurts of speed as well as damage anyone who might be trailing behind. Despite the speeds that Kamek can achieve, it can disorient him causing him to loose control of his broom. When this happens, he may careen into somewhere else he didn't plan to go."

Shadow Kamek

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

"Shadow Kamek is a strange, unknown being that has taken the form of Kamek albeit completely wrapped in darkness. They seem to have the same abilities albeit they appear to be stronger in Super Paper Mario though this does not translate into Super Smash Bros. As well, Kamek's spells are ornage rather than the usual colors so that might be something! Shadow Kamek doesn't seem to answer to anyone but itself but can seem to command the lesser Magikoopas."

Psycho Kamek

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

"Kamek may be an evil enemy according to Super Mario Bros. lore but he wasn't always evil...or maybe he was and Psycho Kamek is just a relative or something. Mario and Luigi bump into him Little Fungitown in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Luigi visits him and Kamek hypnotizes Luigi into thinking he is Mario in order to instill confidence into Luigi. He is a bit senile and sometimes tries to hypnotize himself into thinking he is a Toad. This has led to the townspeople in calling him Psycho Kamek but he seems to not enjoy this nickname.

'Kamek (Transform)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge Dark Blue

"Kamek is capable of using magic to make his minion become even larger and powerful but sacrificing speed. When Kamek summons a minion, he can either let them rampage with their cute little attacks or use transformation magic to beef up his minions one minion at a time! However, Kamek is unable to beef himself or his allies up with this type of magic. If he could though, that would be pretty over-powered and broken, right?"

Kamek (Magikoopa)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge Brown

"Kamek can summon his Magikoopa cronies to his aid. When he summons him, they will loyally surround him and protect himself from damage. However, Kamek must be careful as any damage will cause a Magikoopa to go *puff* when hit. A smash attack or powerful special attack can cause all of the Magikoopas to vanish with smoke. They will circle around Kamek, laughing hysterically, and spinning. They seem to have a telepathic connection to Kamek as they will always follow him no matter where he does.

Kamek (Red)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

"The Magikoopas are a powerful magical race that aid Bowser in his evil plots. However, they have been known to kidnap babies or trying to remove Mario out of the picture. When summoned by Kamek, they are capable of performing powerful attacks together. The Red Magikoopa...errr...Kamek can produce fire spells though this is not that important considering that he actually doesn't in Super Smash Bros. Despite this, the Red Kamek certainly looks intimidating."

Kamek (Purple)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

"Kammy Koopa is one of the highest ranking members of Bowser's forces and maybe his right-hand woman. Rumors are abound that this may be Kamek's mother or grandmother. He is often described as the "brains behind Bowser" and is the secondary antagonist in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Despite the powerful magic abilities that she wields, she is incredibly weak even compared to Kamek so she is quite the pushover. At least Kamek can fight with the rest of them!"

Kamek (Right) White

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

"Kamek may be able to summon minions, make them bigger and stronger, fire out magic blasts, do warp magic, and rocket forward on her broom. However, despite all of that, he is completely uses if his glasses break. That reminds me, why does Kamek wear glasses? Are Kameks near-sighted? Far-sighted? Evil-sighted? If the glasses break, it's curtains for the Magikoopa! Imagine breaking his glasses and him hitting flower vases with his magic! Wait...that could be more dangerous compared to him actually HAVING glasses!"

'Dry Kamek

Unlock: Complete a Kamek Character Challenge

"What do you get when you combine Dry Bones with a Kamek? You get Dry Kamek? Sadly, this version of Kamek has never appeared in the Super Mario Bros. or Yoshi franchise but it certainly is a tanatalizing idea isn't it? I mean...there is Dry Bowser, Fish Bones, Dry Piranha Plant, literally anything with bones can be apart of this Dry Bones family. Since Kamek utilizes magic, maybe a spell rebounded and caused him to die but the spell brought him back to life as a skeleton? Maybe we should contact Miyamoto about this idea... "

Mega Broom

Unlock: All Star Mode (Easy or Normal)

"How does Kamek and the Magikoopas clean Bowser's Castle? With magic of course! Utilizing Mega Broom, they can sweep an entire room with just seconds though they need a healthy supply of Smash Balls in order to do so. When summoned, the Mega Broom is capable of pushing and swooshing opponents left and right; knocking thme off the stage on tiny little dust bunnies. And if a player gets caught in the straw; the broom can be brought up and then slammed back down for more damage! I won't look at cleaning time the same again!""

Army Summon

Unlock: Unlock all Kamek's trophies

"We all know that Kamek can summon minions to his aid but he can only summon them one at a time. That be quite bothersome; especially if Kamek needs an army. After grabbing a Smash Ball, he can continuously summon minions and automatically transform them into their behemoth sizes! This will be sure to create havoc and chaos on the battlefield as Shy Guys the size of skyscrapers walk about the stage; dealing damage where ever they go. Imagine is Kamek unleashed this upon the world! Tokyo wouldn't have to worry about Godzilla but giant Piranha Plants!"

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Default Blue Kamek's default appearance. Starter
Red Red Based off of Red Kamek. Starter
Yellow Yellow Based of the Yellow Magikoopa from Mario Super Sluggers. Starter
Green Green Based off of Green Kamek. Starter
Purple Purple Based off of Kammy Koopa. Starter
Dark Blue Navy Kamek's old color design. Starter
Pink Pink Based off of the Giant Kamek from Super Princess Peach. Starter
Blue Blue Inverted Kamek colors Starter
Brown Brown --- Starter
White White Based off of White Kamek Starter
Dark Kamek Black Based off of Dark Kamek from Super Paper Mario. Locked
Psycho Kamek White Based off of Psycho Kamek from Paper & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Locked
Dry Kamek Gray Kamek based off of Dry Bones. Locked

Reveal Trailer

The trailer first starts out with a Shy Guy walking along a path in an idyllic landscape. His walk, however, is cut short by a large foot in his way. Looking up, he is shocked to find Donkey Kong, Mario, Yoshi, Pikachu, and Samus staring down at him. Flustered he tries to escape but Donkey Kong grabs him by the head while the Shy Guy struggles. Suddenly, a laughing cackle erupts overhead and the the group looks up to find sparkling dust of various colors raining down on them. The Shy Guy begins to shine with various colors and begins to grow and grow to a massive height. Donkey Kong, unable to hold the baddie further, drops it and it lands with the ground shaking. The cackling returns again and flying in from above is the blue-robbed baddie, Kamek. The announcer voices says “Introducing: KAMEK!”. It cuts to a blue background with an animated Kamek throwing out magic. It cuts back tot he trailer and Kamek throws his scepter out and the Shy Guy smashes into Donkey Kong, KOing him. Yoshi tries to swallow it but it blasted away as well. Kamek then runs behind both Pikachu and Samus and blasts them with magic. They attempt to attack but Samus finds herself to be unable to move quickly and can barely move. Pikachu, on the other hand, has been blinded and runs off into another direction. The only fighter that is able to fight is Mario and the enlarged Shy Guy and Kamek stand over Mario. They both unleash a Smash attack which sends Mario flying. Kamek and the Shy Guy both give each other a high five. The reveal trailer than cut to actual game play footage.

It shows Kamek swooping in on his broomstick and performing various attacks such as his side special and up special as well as down smash. He then summons a Shy Guy and casts magic on it causing it to grow bigger. The reveal trailer showcases that Kamek is able to be controlled while a minion is summoned and the minion is CPU controlled. It show shows that Kamek can only summon one minion at a time. It then showed four colors for Kamek such as his default blue, yellow, green, and red. Each one summons a Shy Guy which corresponds in that color. Next was Kamek performing a taunt and his up special against Yoshi on Castle-Break In. Finally, he begins to glow and performs his Final Smash which shows him becoming a gigantic broom. The Super Smash Bros. logo than cuts in.

Finally, it shows Kamek flying forward and the camera zooms out showing not only a gigantic Shy Guy but Piranha Plant, Koopa Troopa,and Milde.

Director 2 Director

Sakurai icon

Masahiro Sakurai

Tezuka icon

Takashi Tezuka

Masahiro Sakurai: Hello, my name is Masahiro Sakurai; one of the directors for Super Smash Bros. 5.

Takashi Tezuka: And I am Takashi Tezuka who has been involved in many of the Yoshi universe games. I assisted Mr. Sakurai and his team in developing Kamek as a new character for Super Smash Bros. 5.

Sakurai: Kamek has always been an interesting character in the Mario and Yoshi universe; appearing in both universes. When we decided to include Kamek into the roster, we decided on adding him to the Yoshi universe.

Tezuka: Yes, this is true. Kamek has canon appearances in both series as well as spin off titles. He truly spans two universes.

(Video cuts to Kamek standing still on a stage with the camera moving around him.)

Sakurai: We didn’t decide to add Kamek to the Yoshi universe since Yoshi is the only representative but since we drew a lot of inspiration from his abilities and personality from this universe.

Tezuka: Kamek really shines within the Yoshi universe as well as the Paper Mario universe. I think it’s important to stick to the original source material. That is why he made Kamek more like his appearance in those universes.

Sakurai: In terms of design, Kamek is a very mobile spell caster that requires some time to set up his spells.

(Video shows Kamek casting both the Minion Summon and Transformation Dust spell successfully.)

Tezuka: Yes, as you can see in this video.

(Video starts of Kamek casting a Summon Minion spell. Kamek charges it up but fails to release it at the same time.)

When he decides to cast a spell, he must charge it first in order for it to be successful. If he fails in casting the spell, than it backfires and can injure him so it’s best to make sure you can cast the spell without interruption.

(Video shows Kamek being damaged by his own spell.)

Sakurai: When Kamek summons a minion, he can let the minion attack other players or even launch the minion at advancing opponents. He can also use his Special Down B attack that can enhance the size of the minion. We created Kamek so that minion/enhancement is his focal point as a character. As for his Custom Special Set B, it may revolve around debuffing his opponents.

(Video shows Kamek summoning a minion and using the down B to buff up the minion.)

Tezuka: I guess we will have to wait and see about that. Kamek is also very mobile and can achieve high speeds while on his broom. In addition, any attacks done from the head of the broom gives him a slight distance boost forward so that can be used during recovery. Kamek does have his disadvantages though. He is especially weak. :laughs:

(Video shows Kamek moving quickly on his broom and the fact he can boost himself slightly by magical spells from his broom. Examples include his B-Air.)

Sakurai: :laughs:

Yes, Kamek really lacks in the physical attack and defense field but excels in his magical potency. Though I guess he can also use those minions as shields if need be.

(Video shows Kamek getting pummeled by Yoshi and getting launched by Smash attacks. However, Yoshi performs a dash attack but Kamek prepares a Minion Summon which takes the attack.)

Tezuka: Yes. That is one thing that Kamek is known for – not being sympathetic to is followers though he does show some tender love to Baby Bowser. Why he is fighting Bowser now, only Smash Bros. can tell us.

(Video shows Kamek fighting Bowser.)

Sakurai: We are excited for people to try out Kamek and see how the minion enhancement works for them. He is a unique character that took a lot of planning and development time but something we are extremely proud of.

Tezuka: I feel Kamek is the correct representation of the type of team cooperation that went on between the development team behind Super Smash Bros. 5 and the Yoshi series. I hope you enjoy the collaborative effort!

Smash Sneak a Peek

Kamek came a bit later in the roster when I was researching potential characters for either the Mario or Yoshi series. I felt the Yoshi series was deserving a new representative besides just Yoshi, considering his new game, Yoshi's Woolly World and has narrowed it down between Kamek, Baby Mario & Luigi, Baby Bowser, and even Poochy. Baby Bowser was nixed as that meant Bowser Jr. would rather be redundant so Baby Bowser was made a stage hazard in "Castle Break-In". Poochy was shelved as well due to the inability to craft a proper move set. Kamek and Baby Mario & Luigi ended up being the top contenders for the Yoshi rep.

I decided to compare the two fighting styles and I felt Kamek to be the most unique and diverse whereas Baby Mario & Luigi relied mostly on tag-team type moves. While interesting, they too were shelved for maybe later use. I then went about making Kamek a newcomer fighter and started focusing his moveset to be a "summoner" type fighter; something the Super Smash Bros. universe as yet to see. While Rosalina & Luma is a summoner/puppeteer mix, Kamek is a fully fledged summoner character.

I struggled with whether to make Kamek a ground fighter or to have him zip around on his broom. As he know Kamek mostly as the high flying broom stick flier he is, I decided to add the broomstick into his character despite his artwork not showing that. I was very happy to create Kamek's moveset and it was exceptionally easy to write for. It was one of the easiest to make as the movetset basically wrote itself out.

I wanted to cast a light on Kamek as just not a background baddie but as a contender for a spot on the Super Smash Bros. roster. He not only has the uniqueness and originality that had me drawn to him but also the iconic value that I come to appreciate. Both Mario and Yoshi fans have come to love Kamek and he has been given a lot of character after his first appearance.


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