Kamek, the spellcasting caretaker.
Universe Yoshi
Previous Smash Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Chaos Kamek

This article details Kamek as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, not the character as a whole. Please do not edit anything here unless it is categories that could be added or if the creator gives you permission.

Kamek stars in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, making his playable debut in the series after appearances as a stage hazard in previous Smash games. The announcement of a new character was first revealed on September 23, 2015; Kamek was announced as a preview event on October 29, 2015. Kamek is the first character to represent the Yoshi series since Yoshi himself.


Kamek may be old, but he's very sharp and has been able to hold his own for many years. The main gimmick about Kamek is that he is the first fighter in Smash Bros. history to be classed as a summoner. With his neutral special, Kamek can summon many different enemies with many different attack patterns. These enemies can serve as extra attacks, damage sponges, and more. Most of Kamek's special moveset revolves around these summoned minions and their potential.

Kamek is very weak and frail, but there are a few ways to get around this. Outside of using the minions as a bodyguard, Kamek can also cast "spells" to potentially debuff characters in some ways such as speed or the size of one's shield. In order to get the most out of this character, players must be ready to make plenty of precise movements and think far ahead into the match - one simple mistake or wrong move can be the difference between life and death!


Standard Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Attack Magic Entrance Kamek pulls out his wand as a swirling vortex pulls in foes and deals small but numerous damage. Has a finishing hit where Kamek jabs forward. 1-2%, 2%
Forward Tilt Broom Dust Kamek summons a broomstick and dusts it forwards. 6%
Up Tilt Triangle Magic Kamek jabs upwards, firing a triangle magic straight up. 6%, 3% (magic)
Down Tilt Ring A magic ring appears and closes in in front of Kamek. 7%
Dash Attack Broom Loop Kamek flies in a loop on his broom, hitting foes both above and below. 10%, 8% (above)
Forward Smash Magic Blast Kamek fires a powerful magic blast projectile that travels a set distance. 17% ; 23% (charged)
Up Smash Crystal Ball Kamek summons a crystal ball that flies upwards and explodes. 5% (ball), 11% (explosion), 16% (explosion charged)

5% h1; 1% mh; 3% h3

Down Smash Square Slam Kamek summons two square magic spells that rise up and slam by his sides. 13%, 20% (charged)
Neutral Aerial Energy Spark Kamek spews out a burst of magic dust around him. 1-2% (hits 1-5)
Forward Aerial Wand Slash Kamek swings his wand forward as a stream of magic is built. This stream can reflect projectiles for a few frames. 11%
Back Aerial Shell Magic A Koopa shell swirls around Kamek. 9%
Up Aerial Circle Wand Kamek swings his wand in a circular arc above him, creating a circle magic blast that flies upwards. 8% (attack), 3% (blast)
Down Aerial Blockinesis Kamek summons a giant block below him that falls off the screen. 4% (summoning), 9% (descent)
Grab N/A Kamek spreads out a spiral of dust N/A
Pummel Flipflop Sticker Kamek smacks an opponent on the head with a flip-flop. 2%
Forward Throw Broom Bat Kamek makes the opponent hover in the air before swinging at them with his broomstick. 10%
Back Throw Book Smash Kamek conjures a giant book that shuts with powerful force and blows the opponent away. 9%
Up Throw Levitation The foe is sent spiraling in circles around Kamek as he laughs, before sending them soaring upwards. 8%
Down Throw Pyrokinesis Kamek unleashes a wave of fire that strikes the opponent. 7%
Floor Attack Magic Trap Kamek rises up as a surge of circular magic appears below him and strikes up. 5%
Trip Attack Broom Swish Kamek leaps up onto his broom and circles in place. 3%
Edge Attack Broom Basher Kamek slowly gets up and smacks his broom forward. 6%

Special Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Summon Pressing the button will cause a menu to cycle between enemies, similar to Monado Arts. Letting go will cause the enemy to be summoned in front of Kamek. Up to 3 enemies can be on stage at a time, but you can only use one of each enemy at a time. Players also have a small cooldown before selecting an enemy again. The potential minions to summon are as follows:

  • Shy Guy - A common Shy Guy that runs forward. Defeated in one hit and deals 3%.
  • Paratroopa - A common Koopa that hops around. Defeated in two hits and deals 4%.
  • Bob-omb - A common Bob-omb that can be knocked around slightly before exploding violently. Defeated in ten hits or after 4 seconds. Getting hit deals 2%, but the explosion deals 18%.
  • Piranha Plant - A common Piranha Plant that has long-range biting attacks. Takes 1 hit to defeat and deals 7%.
  • Charging Chuck - A common Charging Chuck that chases down players and rams into them. Takes 5 hits to defeat and deals 6%.
  • Thwomp - A common Thwomp that falls straight down and acts as a wall for 5 seconds. Cannot be defeated and deals 8%.
  • Boo - A common Boo that spins around Kamek in a circle for 7 seconds. Takes 3 hits to defeat and deals 5%.
Custom Special 1 Huge Summon The enemies that Kamek summons are twice as large, deal twice as much damage, and take twice as many hits to defeat, but there can only be one enemy at a time and the enemies move slower. N/A
Custom Special 2 Winged Summon The enemies that Kamek summons will have wings, causing them to move faster and more sporadically at the cost of being able to have only two enemies on screen at a time. N/A
Side Special Magic Hammer Kamek pulls out a large hammer and swings it in an uppercut strike. If Kamek hits one of his minions with it, they are instantly converted into a wave of powerful magic balls. 4% (pulling out hammer), 20% (attack), 14% (magic)
Custom Special 1 Giga Hammer Kamek can now hold the hammer in place, charging it for a more powerful strike, but it makes minions disappear without the magic attack. 4% (pulling out hammer), 20%-35% (attack)
Custom Special 2 Magic Wave Kamek instantly unleashes a wave of powerful magic at the cost of the hammer attack to get rid of minions. 18%
Up Special Broom Kamek pulls out his broom and can quickly fly in a direction for about 2 seconds. Pressing the attack button again makes Kamek perform a swirling attack at the cost of his recovery ending early. 7%
Custom Special 1 Charge Broom Kamek takes longer to get on his broom, but players can aim for an instant swirling attack that covers massive lengths. 7%
Custom Special 2 Slow Broom

Kamek's broom lasts longer and can use the attack at an infinite amount, but moves slower.

Down Special Debuff Kamek casts a magic blast that, if it hits someone, will lower one of their stats. This includes jump height, speed, damage dealt, knockback dealt, resistance to attacks, and shield size. 10%
Custom Special 1 Rebuff Kamek casts a magic spell that raises a random stat of his, but has a bit of cooldown after being used. Running near minions during the effects of Rebuff can give them the boosted stat as well. N/A
Custom Special 2 Magic Shot Kamek casts a powerful magic blast that deals heavy damage but doesn't have any extra effects. 13%
Final Smash Chaos Kamek Kamek takes off on his broom and spreads dust across the sky, opening patches of the stage that have an eerie magic effect. Opponents can get sucked into these and be inflicted with random debuffs or effects, and are then caught in an explosion. 35%


  • Up: Jumps on his broom and begins spinning in place.
  • Right: Kamek waves his wand around, emitting magic dust.
  • Left: Shape of magic begin to flash and circle around Kamek before he points his wand forward.
  • Down: Kamek jumps and sits on his broom, laughing.

On-Screen Appearance

A blast of colorful shapes descends and hits the revival platform, transforming into Kamek.

Select Sound

Kamek's laugh is heard.

Victory Poses

  • Kamek flies around on his broom haphazardly, laughing the entire way.
  • Kamek summons a bunch of minions before they lift him up and throw him into the air as a celebration.
  • Kamek looks through a crystal ball, foreseeing a victory, and then points to the screen.

Losing Pose

Kamek is shown clapping his wand into the palm of his left hand.

Idle Poses

  • Adjustes his glasses.
  • Pulls down his cap.

Victory Fanfare

A rock arrangement of the Kamek's Arrival theme in Yoshi's Woolly World. (0:00 - 0:09)



Kamek has been around for a long time - before Mario was even born! To this day, he still assists Bowser in making sure his plans don't go wrong, and is one of Bowser's most powerful commanders. Kamek can command his own set of minions through his neutral special, so learn what they all do and become a master spellcaster!


Kamek has a ton of crazy magic up his sleeve, and he's certainly not above using magic to make sure that he gets the upper advantage. Some of his attacks can turn his minions into powerful ammo, while others can lower your stats if you get caught! When fighting against Kamek, always be on your toes and make sure not to fall for his tricks.


Kamek can use the Debuff ability to negatively effect his opponents. It can do things like lower your jump height or reduce the knockback that you deal, which can really change how you play. The Rebuff custom is the opposite: Kamek can use it to boost a random stat of his! The stat is also passed on to minions when Kamek gets near him.

Battle Spire

Yoshi is well aware of this familiar tactic... Kamek flies across the stage, dropping magic dust along the way. Throughout the stage, several portals will open that suck up fighters to deal damage. There might even be a few debuffs or negative effects sprinkled in there as well! It's all topped off with each portal imploding...the name of the Final Smash isn't lying when it says that it brings chaos!

Pallete Swaps

Reveal Trailer - Magic!

A flashing light is seen in the middle of the screen as it grows brighter and the edges extend to form the Smash logo. The screen then flashes to white and begins the trailer.

The trailer immediatly starts off with the sight of a pair of Bullet Bills flying at high speeds across a dull grassland. The two bullets are followed by an onslaught of enemies from the famed Mario franchise, all marching forward. The scene quickly shifts to the other side, where a Cape-wielding Mario is shown riding on Yoshi towards the horde of enemies. Most of the enemies are quickly dispatched, with Yoshi eating some of them to make eggs for projectiles while Mario occasionally hops off and drives the forces away with a Cape swing. However, one powerful Charging Chuck manages to knock Mario away, leaving Yoshi on his own to reach the source of the monsters.

The scene zooms in on a tower drenched in dark clouds and lightning flashes, as a small figure with sharp glasses is shown. A side view of this figure is shown before he pulls out a wand and points towards the lone Yoshi. Many of the enemies begin to put their focus to the dinosaur, but Yoshi continues to parade through and defeat many of the enemies. He eventually makes it to the tall tower, equipped with a single egg, and leaps up to the shadowed figure. Yoshi prepares to throw the egg at the figure while said figure charges up a magic blast, when lightning flashes: this lightning features a scene of the same two combatants from the past, where Yoshi carried Baby Mario and the other cared for Baby Bowser.

The screen blacks out before a familiar laugh is heard. Lightning strikes multiple times before finally revealing the cloaked figure to be none other than the Magikoopa, Kamek. Kamek is shown teleporting onto a Bowser's Castle Stage, laughing before flying off on his broom. He's shown trapping multiple opponents in a magic wand attack before sending them flying. Kamek follows up the attack with a slash of his wand, creating an arced barrier. He uses a fireball attack to break the opponent's shield, and then finishes off with a large hammer.

Kamek is then shown against Mario, summoning different types of minions. He sends a Charging Chuck to go tackle him, uses a Boo to deflect Mario's fireball, and summons a Thwomp to spike him from above. A small Shy Guy minion is shown walking towards Kamek, but he easily dispatches of it with the same giant hammer from before. He then shows up on his broom and casts a spell on some Yoshis, which makes them weaker and unable to defeat the onslaught of minions arriving. Kamek finishes off by riding his broom across the screen and trapping his foes in portals to lower their stats, before the portals implodes. Kamek is shown one last time, sitting on his broom and laughing, before he points with his wand towards the screen, causing a bright flash that reveals the Super Smash Bros. Crusade logo.

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