Now come! I'll heal all of your wounds! Face me at full strength!
Kalin Kessler, Before the last battle with him

Kalin Kessler
Church of Carmine Rank 1 - Kalin Kessler
The secondary villain of the game.
Full Name Kalin 'the Phalanx' Kessler
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Location Zellis City
Current Status Alive
Class Rival
The Carmine Empire
Family and Relations
None as of yet.
Main Weapon(s) Sword; Gunblade
Ability/ies Uses a sword and a gunblade.
First Appearance Super Princess Peach RPG: The Darkness Returns (Wii; DS)
Latest Appearance Super Princess Peach: Another side, another story (3DS)

Kalin Kessler (Kyosuke Kiryu in the Japanese version of the game) is one of the main antagonists of Super Princess Peach RPG: The Darkness Returns. He is a leader of a gang and is voiced by Quinton Flynn.

Appearance and Personality

Kalin wears a cloak which hides his tank top. He has silver hair similar to Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts. His eyes are evil looking similar to Carly Carmine's. He has a scar on his left eye.

Kalin is the opposite of his mistress. He is only swayed into being her servant. Kalin doesn't cheat, hide, gang up on Peach or lie. He is honorable and respected by Peach. He is similar to Rubicante in tactics. He takes the trouble of healing his opponents before fighting them.

Kalin Kessler (Original)

Kalin, before being swayed by the game's true villain.


Kalin was born to a poor family. During a fire in the past, his whole family lost their lives in that inferno. Kalin was the sole survivor of the Kessler name. He organized a gang in which he was its leader.

In that gang, Kalin was easygoing on his fellow gang members. He did not care about their actions. The gang called themselves (The Zeliis Four).

During the events of the game, Carly finds Kalin in an alley. Kalin is turned over to the Empire. He acompanies Carly on her parade float. Kalin battles Peach but loses to her.

Kalin isn't seen again until Militis. He's assigned to lead the invasion. He does spare King Gorn for at least three days. However, Peach foils his plot and sends him packing.

Kalin is not seen again until the finale of the game, the reason? He is put through more training in the pit of 100 trials.

Again, Kalin loses to Peach. But this time, he stops the charade and leaves for Zellis. But before he leaves, he ends up going back up the tower only to arrive right after the battle.

Kalin isn't present at Carly's funeral at the end. He goes to better himself through training.

It is not confirmed wether or not Kalin will be in The After Years.

Other Appearances

Super Princess Peach: Another side, another story

Kalin has been confirmed as the secret villain for The Darkness Returns. He plays similar to Cloud Strife or Squall Leonhart. His EX mode is Gunblade Surperior. His EX burst is Shinryu Blast.


  • His main theme is Suspicion from Final Fantasy IV
  • His battle theme is The Fierce Battle from Final Fantasy VI


  • Kalin is inspired by the character of the same name in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds
  • Kalin also is a reference to Seifer from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Kalin isn't evil entirely. He's more of a friendly anti-hero.