This is a list of all the different Wisps that can appear in Kaleido Conscripts.

Image Color Information Rarity
750px-Sonic Colors Artwork - White Wisp - (1) White Boosts your speed temporarily. Very Common
Cyanwisp Cyan Turns you into a laser that charges straightforward to hit an opponent. If there is nobody in front of you, you dash off the screen. Common
Yellowwisp Yellow Turns you into a drill and lets you move through the ground. You can temporarily jump up to hit players. Uncommon
Orange Wisp Orange Turns you into a rocket that launches high into the sky and explodes in a violent blast of color. Common
Redwisp Red Turns you into a flaming ball that can roll across the floor to tackle opponents. Common
Dark-Blue-wisp Blue Turns you into a cube, as you slam the ground, causing many blue blocks to fall from the sky. Uncommon
GreenWisp Green Turns you into a hovering machine. You cannot attack, but you can hover around for a little and pick up opponents. Uncommon
PinkWisp Pink Turns you into a spiked ball, allowing you to roll across walls at amazing speeds. Uncommon
IndigoWisp Indigo Turns you into an orb that move around and catches projectiles, items, and opponents in its rings to deal damage. Rare
Crimson Wisp Crimson Turns you into an eagle that can fly around freely and charge into opponents. Rare
Magenta Wisp Magenta Turns you into a music note that can bounce on opponents and flip around in free movement. Uncommon
Ivory Wisp Ivory Turns you into a lightning bolt that dashes wildly across the screen. Uncommon
Gray Wisp Gray Turns you into a giant stone block that continuously creates quakes that sends nearby opponents flying. Common
Black Wisp Black Turns you into a bomb, that can explode at will multiple times. Common
Wisp Purple Purple Turns you into a biting monster that can chomp on opponents for heavy damage. Rare
VioletWisp Violet Turns you into a black hole in the center of the stage. You can suck up anything in your path, even opponents, who take heavy damage. Rare

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