I have seen multiverses end. I have seen planets crash into others. I've seen dimensions have their own personal doomsdays. And yet...I remain calm. With nothing to live for, knowing what will unfold at any point, anywhere...what is the point of having expectations?

The character's first artwork.
Full Name Kale
Current Age 15.6 billion years old
Date of Birth Beginning of New Fantendoverse
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender None, although prefers to be identified as male.
Species Seeker
Current Status Cosmic Deity
Ability/ies To see into future, warping matter, manipulation, levitation, teleportation
Height Kale switches height at points, but his standard height is 5,7.
Weight Weightless
Sexuality None
Voice Actor(s)
Jeremy Irons
First Appearance TBA
Latest Appearance TBA
"Kale," or "The Overseer" is an interdimensional deity in the New Fantendoverse. He was created during the beginning of the new Fantendoverse for an unknown reason. Kale can see into the future using his third eye.


Kale's body is like a ghost. He wears a robe that is invisible unless it is opened, revealing a galaxy-like pattern inside of it. The outside of the cloak DOES have an outline around it, but the cloak reflects what enviroment he's in. His face is completely black with two eyes that represent stars. Above them is a crown-like headband, holding a third eye, which can see into the future. He also wears a top hat, which has the exact same gimmick as his cloak.


Kale, on the outside, is snarky and extremely rude. He has no real filter when it comes to what he says, resulting in him usually insulting somebody in the process. However, due to his third eye, he doesn't really care about anything. He's seen everything there is in the future, and knows what will happen. Kale is extremely weak on his own, but due to his powers, he can morph any form of matter in anything. He can make weapons and living beings out of inanimate objects. Due to his frail nature, he can be taken down fairly easily without the use of his powers. When The Fan and The Enemy are around, his powers are nullified to the point where he can only teleport.

Kale will take anyone's side as long as they give him something in return. He'll ask for whatever he desires, as long as it's ONLY what he wants, like money. If they don't give him the things he wants, he'll either join the opposing force or just go away.

How to Summon



  • Kale's name, although represented by the vegetable, is based of the moon orbiting around Jupiter. This represents how he can oversee things, both big and small, past, present, and future.