Kaku's Quest is a spin-off of the Beta-Mites series of games, starring Karda's sidekick - Kaku. It was developed by INDIGO Studios and released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.


Kaku's Quest has simple platforming mechanics, Kaku controlling similarly to Beta-Mites 3. Kaku can do a basic tongue attack for his neutral move, doing a side attack will wrap his tongue around said enemy. He can double jump as normal, and moves decently fast.

Kaku's Quest plays more like a platformer puzzle game than anything else, and a new feature is added to help you along - Beta-Ups. Beta-Ups are given to you by the now reformed Professor Beta, stepping on an Upgrade Tile will grant you a random ability: A Flight-Up, A Speed-Up, A Jump-Up, and an Invincible-Up. Another feature are the Creeters, Creeters will appear randomly in any level, and catching one will have them drop a Creetoin. You can gather 3 Creetoins each level, and unlocking every single Creetoin will unlock the true final boss and secret stage.


  • Treeburt
  • Forest Goblin
  • Doc Gray
  • Metal-Head
  • Steels
  • Coco Cannon 1.1
  • Alph Beastie

Professor Alpha

True Final Boss



Kaku's Quest takes place on Creetera Island. Kaku, taking a vacation to the luxurious floating islands of Creetera, is interrupted by a dark aura surrounding the island...after passing out, he awakes to an old man in a robotic flying suit - he introduces himself as Professor Alpha, and attempts to take over Creetera for it's natural ore - the Creetera Stone. He plans to take over the floating island using his Bots and unearth every last of it, and Kaku sets out to fight off Alpha from the island.

Along the way he meets a less technologized Professor Nikolai Beta, who claimed after his defeat by Enda, escaped to the island to plan his next plot...but soon settled there in a more peaceful life. He agrees to help Kaku to preserve he beauty of Creetera Island.

After beating Alpha (with every Creetoin), it is revealed that Alpha was the Terriba System - a massive bot from unknown sources, it's true intentions where to use the Creetera Stone to power him up to max potential - Kaku is then transported into the Terriba Core where he attempts to fight Terriba off for good.


Kaku's Quest got very good reviews, with it's simple yet fun story, and comfortable physics and platforming while allowing it to differentiate itself from the main series games of Beta-Mites. INDIGO will continue the series at a later date.

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