Kaku's (bad) concept art

Kaku is the sidekick to Karda, first appearing in Beta-Mites 3. He originated from the virus Enda.

Physical Appearance

Like Karda, Kaku is small and stubby. Though his features, instead of fluffy, are quite rounded and less cloud-like and puffy. He also tan instead of white with yellow gloves and similarly green shoes.


Kaku is quite child-like, being a young robot is also dim-witted. Nevertheless he still knowns how to fight and will stick by Karda through thick and thin. He also cannot talk, instead makes peculiar sounds.


Kaku has currently only appeared in Beta-Mites 3, but is planned to be in more.


  • Kaku's name derives from Michio Kaku, an American Theoretical Physicist.

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