Kaitlyn Akaye
Akaye Signature
Official artwork.
Current Age 9
Gender Female
Species Human (Speaker)
First Appearance Painterly (2013)
Latest Appearance Painterly: Signature Edition (2015)
Kaitlyn Akaye is a major character in the Painterly series. She is the creator of the painting sprites, most notably Forte and Melody.


Kaitlyn is a tall 9-year-old with long brown hair, a red sleeveless shirt, blue shorts, and white shoes with green accents. She also has pale skin and intentionally resembles her character, Melody. She has the same mysterious ability as Adam Morsai does: she can interact within worlds of other artists. This is called the Speaker ability.


Painterly and Painterly: Signature Edition

In Painterly, Kaitlyn is an ordinary, kind-hearted young girl, with a passion for creating characters and worlds. At the end of the game, she finally appears on-screen, after having being mentioned earlier in the Morsai Tower chapter.



  • Kaitlyn's relevance to the series' plot and her small appearance in Painterly suggest that she may have a larger role in future titles. This was confirmed by her becoming a major character in Painterly 2 due to the plot being centered on her.

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