Kaiden Damuth Male
156 lbs
23 years old Human
FULL NAME Kaiden Damuth
POWERS Swordsmanship
Leadership skills
BIRTHDAY June 16th

Orian (father, deceased)


Elina (wife)


Seeing new places


Not having a weapon on him


Kaiden is the main protagonist of the game Champions of Ascerth, and one of Ghostrealm Studios's mascots. Once the lone survivor of Farhorn Village's krexxon attack, he would later stop their invasion and become one of the planet's saviors. Throughout further projects, Kaiden was given more development and now acts as one of the major characters within the Ghostverse.


Kaiden tends to have unkempt light brown hair, and is almost never seen without his armor on. Said armor is relatively light, which allows for greater flexibility in combat. Kaiden is also of average weight and stature.


Kaiden is relatively calm, rarely bursting out in anger. As someone who's rarely been outside of his hometown of Farhorn Village, he is eager to see new places and explore the world around him. Towards others, he can be relatively sociable, though when arguing about something, he will discuss his point constantly. Other times, he can be socially awkward, especially when he's in a new place.

Yet, Kaiden can be prone to breaking down emotionally when immense trauma or pain occurs. Being the lone survivor of his village being burnt down has left him with mental scars that will probably never heal. He can also be quite oblivious to romance, seeing as how he's never experienced it before.


In combat, Kaiden prefers the use of two melee weapons at once, preferably swords. He tends to target enemy weak points and utilize the area around him to fight. However, he can be prone to recklessness in the heat of battle, going after individual targets instead of backing off and handling different foes.

That being said, Kaiden is more than capable of handling a myriad of weapons. Spears, axes, you name it. He's also relatively skilled in unarmed combat, and outside of combat Kaiden is a shrewd tactician, able to point out weak points within enemy formations.


Early Life

Kaiden was born in Farhorn Village to Orian Damuth, the captain of the village's guards. He was raised with combat training due to the village being ever weary of gringar attacks. Yet, as he grew up, he learned how to master his swordsmanship quite nicely, occasionally leading raids on gringar camps. Kaiden had several childhood friends, but many of them would be captured during gringar raids, thus giving him a mindset of most of his friends being temporary companions in his life.

At the age of seventeen, he rose to the position of Deputy Captain, standing at his father's side as his second-in-command. Kaiden would occasionally teach new recruits combat skills as well as taking part in the defense of his village. Yet, he yearned for adventure, and a chance to leave his village.

Champions of Ascerth

When the so-called "skyships" appeared, Kaiden was asked to visit the resident mage of Farhorn Village. The mage showed Kaiden several visions of him taking down one of the ships alongside the other races of Ascerth. Kaiden, although confused, knew these visions would come to be. Later on, the krexxon would attack Farhorn Village, and despite the village's guards putting up a good defense, they were no match for the superior technology of the krexxon. Kaiden was the only survivor of the village's destruction, but knew he had to find a way to stop it. He needed allies.

Kaiden would set out to Xastil City, the capital of the Xastil Kingdom that controlled Farhorn Village and many other towns. After several days, he arrived in the city, though it was impossible to secure an audience with the king. Enraged, he tried looking around the city for any mercenaries who wanted adventure, but was stopped by a sorceress named Elina. She told Kaiden that she had seen visions of the krexxon invasion, and believed that they shared a common goal in stopping it. The two of them made a deal to work together in stopping the invasion, and would set out on an adventure, falling in love in the process.

Kaiden would also recruit the rul'kor Ukoras, the grovarn Jogot, the sulkrik Orthesu, and the volant Grik to his side. Together, they'd defeat the commander of the invasion, a krexxon known as Ethros, and save their world. Yet, they also found out the truth about Ascerth: it held a zalvosh superweapon, fueled by life. This secret would be well-kept by the group for a while.

Ascerth: One Year Later

One year after the defeat of the krexxon, Kaiden and Elina now lived together in an apartment within Xastil City. Kaiden now worked as Xastil's emissary to a group of krexxon that chose to live in peace on Ascerth, often delivering supplies to and from the two groups.

Kaiden would later go to visit Elina's father Norris, as he was hoping to propose once he got the green light from him, but Elina would enter a comotose state during the meal. He'd remain by her side even in this state of hers.

Hour of Reckoning: Part 1

A few months after Elina's coma, Kaiden would find himself sparring with Ukoras, while discussing the idea of honor and being able to protect those he cared for. After the sparring session, Kaiden went to check on Elina, only to find that she was awake. The reunion was short-lived however as an explosion occured in Xastil City.

Eventually, Kaiden would manage to push the Circle of Shadows out of Ascerth and join the Vanguard of Spirits alongside Taikari and her allies.

Hour of Reckoning: Part 2

Kaiden fought in the campaign on Jalgor, and was involved in the final battle against the Soul Grazer. After Jogot's funeral, he proposed to Elina.

Ghostverse Stories

Kaiden chose Grik as the best man for his wedding, and married Elina during this series.

Champions of Ascerth 2

Two months after the wedding, Kaiden woke up on the shores of Buzokai with no memory of his past.

Non-Canon Appearances

Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil

Kaiden appears as a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil.

Super Smash Bros. GR

Kaiden is slated to appear in Super Smash Bros. GR.

Ghostrealm Heroes

Kaiden is playable in Ghostrealm Heroes. He acts as the game's "balanced" character essentially.

Relationships with other characters


When Kaiden first met Elina, he was skeptical of trusting her, believing that she was merely an ally of convenience. Over time however, the two of them would grow close and eventually become a couple. Kaiden's love for Elina can be owed to his admiration of her willingness to get things done, as well as her general optimism.



  • Kaiden loves to eat, and will never turn down a meal.
  • Kaiden was initially inspired by Link from The Legend of Zelda.
  • Kaiden is Krexxal (tbc)'s first purely original character.
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