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Kaichu, by Alange95 (Talk).
Current Age 7 (PtF)
9 (PFC)
10 (PF2)
12 (PF:EiT)
13-14 (PFG)
15 (PFG2)
16 (PFP)
Gender Male
Living Town Float City
Class Fighter
Main Weapon(s) Hammer
Main Element(s) Electricity
First Appearance Pikachu the Fighter
Latest Appearance Pikachu Fighters: Electrically in Trouble

Kaichu is a primary character of the Pikachu Fighters series. He resides in Float City, located on the planet of Zindar. He lives through a time of desolation on this planet.


About 750 years from now, life on Earth is devastated. Pollution continuously expanded across the planet, being influenced by an unknown being. However, life on earth was brought back and pollution was able to be cleaned. Kaichu, formerly as a Pichu known as Paucha resided on the planet during its time of peace (though more history on that can be seen here). During an adventure of his, he was sent thousands of years into the future by Wigglytuff, unable to return.

During all of this time, much had happened on earth. The unknown villain had returned and influenced the re-pollution of the planet. Devastation took place. The very few remaining citizens of the planet, now known as Zindar, created a city in the sky to work as a safe place for all. Kaichu (who had completely forgotten of his past) was now present in the city (now known as Float City). He decided to begin fighting as a fighter of The Arena in Float City as a hobby.


Pikachu Fighters: Trouble in a Zap

General Information

Physical Description

Kaichu is a simple Pikachu. He appears as a small, yellow creature with long ears extending from the top of his head. He has short arms, and a long tail. He has brown stripes on his back, as well as a stripe on his tail, and also has red cheeks. However, he wears a red headband on his head as do all fighters of Float City's Arena.

Powers and Abilities

  • Kaichu has a hammer that he uses for battle, and may slam it down with might. He also is able to jump on the heads of enemies, damaging them. Kaichu also has acceptable combat skills, being able to attack with either his hands or feet with power.
  • As an electric type Pokémon, Kaichu can use Thunderbolt and Thunder, which will shoot lightning at foes. He can also use Volt Tackle, which allows him to tackle foes with electric charge,
  • When accompanied by Spurk, Kaichu can use the Star Spin attack, to send enemies flying.








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