KODE KID (known in some regions as The Chronicles of Data) Is the first game in the Kode Kid series of platformers. It is the launch title for the Darkray Infinite


The gameplay is similar to the Megaman games, where there are 6 worlds. At the end of each world there is a cyber- warrior to defeat. In the final world, you fight Hardwire, Data's evil clone. 


The game starts out with Daniel Johnson suddenly waking up in a lab. He sees that he is hooked up to a machine, and he sees the logo of the Shadow Cross Legion. The machine gets powered up, and buzzing is heard, as Daniel falls unconscious. When Daniel wakes up in a dark room a few days later, he feels wierd. He looks at his arm and screams. He tries to escape the room, but the door is locked! Soon, a mysterious hooded man walks into the room. He calls himself Dr. Shadow, and says he transformed Daniel into a fighting robot powered almost completly by binary code, but his "idiot companions" forgot to disable Daniel's free will. Daniel jumps out of a window as a last resort. He now calls himself Data, and vows to get rid of Dr. Shadow by destroying his six Shadow Factories and the Cyber Warriors inside them, as he learns that while he was unconscious, much more advanced robots were being made, but Data vows to destroy all of them, and bring justice to Mega City!

More Coming Soon....


Image Character Info
DataYE Data The first and only playable character: He is the first of many cyber warriors, he dedicates his life to fighting them off, and he can hack into the codes of other Cyber Warriors or turn his arms into advanced weaponry. However, he still has trouble taking full control over his powers. 
TBA Techfist The first boss: A brawny fighter, but he lacks in the speed department. His attacks cause a lot of knockback, though. Watch out! 
TBA ShadowHack The second boss: A speedy warrior who adopted Data's ability to hack into opponents, and he can use it to reduce Data's speed and strength or freeze him in place for a short ammount of time. In a post credits scene, it is revealed that ShadowHack is the only Cyber Warrior (besides Hardwire) who survived the battle with Data, as it is revealed the one Data fought was a decoy. 
TBA Krush-Key The third boss:  An all around fighter who can throw cyber-charges at you, which deal loads of damage. 
TBA Program The fourth boss: he has deadly blades for arms, and he has higher jumps then his fellow Cyber Warriors. 
TBA Infector The fifth boss: He attacks with missles and other long distance weaponry, he also has a jet pack.
Hardwire Hardwire The sixth and final boss: TBA

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