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The King's Rules is the second episode of KIRBY.


  • Kirby
  • King Dedede
  • Bandanna Dee
  • Rick the Hamster


  • (In Waddleburg)
  • Bandanna Dee: Everyone Listin!
  • Bandanna Dee: The Great King is coming to town to inforce some new rules that will make Dreamland a safer place.
  • "Many hours later"
  • Dedede: Rule 128: When going to bed you will fluff your pillows.
  • Rick: "Wispers to Kirby" This is taking forever.
  • Dedede: Rule 129: After today, NO PINK IN DREAMLAND!
  • Kirby: Uh Oh....
  • "Theme song plays"
  • Kirby: Dedede! I'm pink!
  • Dedede: Oh yea....
  • Dedede: But a rule is a rule.
  • Kirby: But-
  • Dedede: Hey, at least you have until tomorrow to leave.
  • "Dedede leaves"
  • Rick: Well that didn't turn out well...
  • "Cuts to King Dedede's Castle"
  • Dedede: Ahh, soon Dreamland will be Kirby free!
  • Dedede: No worries at all....
  • Bandanna Dee: Excuse Me Sir, But What About the other 128 rules?
  • Dedede: What about them?
  • Bandanna Dee: Don't you think they're a little crazy?
  • Bandanna Dee: Like rule 13 for example? "All residents must have four paintings of the color yellow."
  • Dedede: It's my favorite color.
  • Bandanna Dee: Your Favorite color is red.
  • Dedede: And it's not like I have to follow those rules
  • Bandanna Dee: Ahem "Rule 86: the king must follow all these rules"

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