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Kirby's Dreamland is the first episode of KIRBY.


  • Kirby
  • King Dedede
  • Rick the Hamster
  • Bandanna Dee
  • Dark Matter


  • (In King Dedede's Castle)
  • Dedede: I've been waiting for hours!
  • Dedede: Wheres my cake?
  • Bandanna Dee: Sorry Great King, but it was.......
  • Dedede: Was what?
  • Bandanna Dee: Eaten.
  • "Theme song plays"
  • Dedede: I bet it was Kirby!
  • Bandanna Dee: Well actually...
  • Dedede: Get me my mallet!
  • Bandanna Dee: Yes,Great King.
  • "Bandanna Dee gives King Dedede his mallet"
  • Bandanna Dee: What are you going to do, Great King?
  • Dedede: I'm going to destroy Kirby!
  • (Meanwhile in Kirby's House)
  • Rick: Kirby?
  • "Kirby is asleep"
  • Rick: Kirby?
  • Rick: WAKE UP!
  • Kirby: Huh?
  • Rick: Sorry Kirb, but i had to wake you!
  • Kirby: Why?
  • "Rick points out the window reveiling a angry Dedede"
  • Kirby: It looks like Dedede is coming for a visit!
  • Rick: Don't you think he looks kinda mad.
  • Kirby: Yea, but what did i do?
  • Rick: I don't know
  • Dedede: LET ME IN!!
  • Rick: I suggest you run
  • "Kirby runs out the back window"
  • "Dedede knocks the door down"
  • Dedede: WHERES KIRBY?!?
  • Rick: He.....uh....WENT SHOPPING! Yes, that's it!
  • (Meanwhile in the town)
  • Kirby: As long as i'm here i might as well go shopping.
  • "Kirby goes shopping, buying food, food, and more food"
  • Kirby: I wonder why Dedede is so mad at me in the first place?
  • Dedede: AH HA! Rick told me you were here!
  • Kirby: Uh Oh....
  • "Kirby runs away from Dedede, reaching a cliff"
  • Dedede: I got you now!
  • "Kirby jumps off the cliff, landing on a tomb"
  • Kirby: Ow...
  • Kirby: that tomb wasn't here before...
  • Kirby: hmmmmm...
  • "Kirby touchs a crack on the tomb"
  • "the tomb starts glowing, then falls apart"
  • Dark Matter: FREEDOM.
  • Dark Matter: As thanks for freeing me, I will possess you first!
  • "Dark Matter tries to possess Kirby, but fails"
  • Dark Matter: That's not possible!
  • Dark Matter: Unless.....
  • Dark Matter: Your name doesn't happen to be Kirby Does it.
  • Kirby: That's my name.
  • Dark Matter: Sorry, pal.
  • Dark Matter: But I must destroy you!
  • "King Dedede jumps down the cliff"
  • Dedede: What's going on here?
  • Dark Matter: This Penguin will do nicely...
  • "Dark Matter possesses King Dedede"
  • Dark Matter: Destroy Kirby!
  • Dedede: Yes Master!
  • "Dedede attacks Kirby"
  • Kirby: AHHHHH!
  • "Kirby inhales Dedede's mallet"
  • "Kirby becomes Hammer Kirby"
  • Kirby: "Slams hammer at Dedede"
  • Dark Matter: What?!?!
  • Kirby: Sorry Dedede, but I have to do this!
  • "Kirby hits Dedede with his hammer multiple times"
  • Dark Matter: This body is too weak!
  • "Dark Matter exits King Dedede's body and vanishes"
  • Kirby: That was weird.
  • Dedede: What happened?
  • Kirby: You were-
  • Dedede: You knocked me out, didn't you?
  • Dedede: Cake eater!
  • Kirby: What did I do?
  • Dedede: YOU ATE MY CAKE!
  • Kirby: I think I would remember that.
  • Dedede: But if you didn't do it, who did?
  • Dedede: Wait a minute......
  • (Cut to Dedede's Castle)
  • "Bandanna Dee whistles while sweeping the floor"
  • "The main door bursts open"
  • Dedede: Bandanna Dee!!!!
  • Bandanna Dee: "chuckles nervously" So I'm guessing you found out that I ate your cake.
  • Dedede: Yep.
  • Bandanna Dee: Sorry I was up late at night and I got hungry and-
  • Dedede: Do you know what I do to people who eat my cake?
  • Bandanna Dee: Give them a raise?
  • Dedede: Nope.
  • "Dedede begins chasing Bandanna Dee with his mallet"
  • (Meanwhile)
  • Dark Matter: Ahhhhh Home Sweet Home
  • "Dusts off crystal ball"
  • Dark Matter: Now to finish what I started...
  • "Episode ends as screen Fades to black."

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