You thought you could escape, Gimmick? You are bound within my Grandmaze.
KAOS-com, The Throne of Dream Land

Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Inapplicable
Gender Inapplicable, referred to as Male
Location Location Unknown
Current Status Weakened, implied to be alive
Class Dark Lord
Main Weapon(s) Grandmaze
Ability/ies Grandmaze manipulation
Vulnerable To Attacks on Grandmaze
First Appearance The Throne of Dream Land

KAOS-com is an alien robot and enemy of Gimmick V. He is being developped by Crumhorn Characters.


Little is known about KAOS-com. His planet of origin, the circumstances surrounding his creation, and his reasons for leaving are all unknown. At some point, he created the Grandmaze and launched it into space. When it was taken and adapted by King Dedede, KAOS-com retained remote control of its functions. He gained an enmity with Gimmick V shortly after the robot was placed in his custody. All the while long, he was watching, waiting, and planning.


KAOS-com is not known to have any abilities of his own. In The Throne of Dream Land, his only power was the ability to manipulate the Grandmaze. This seems to be because it is an extension of him, and he was severely damaged when the Grandmaze was destroyed.

Possible destruction

When Gimmick V destroyed the Grandmaze, KAOS-com's scream of agony was quite audible. When Gimmick V detected no signal from KAOS-com, he presumed his enemy dead. But when he found a piece of circuitry with the letters "K A O S" burned in it, he suspected that it wasn't over.