This game was adopted or created by Vanty Inc. Please do not edit without permission.


K. K. Slider is at his house tuning his guitar and listening to his jukebox, when all of the sudden, it stops playing. K. K. walks over to his jukebox and kicks it a couple of times. After waiting for a couple of seconds, the jukebox starts to work again, but there is a evil track that sucks him in the jukebox! It's K. K.'s job to get out by reaching the end of each song in the jukebox, and defeat the evil track!


Mr. K. K.

The first level of the game. This level takes place in a schoolyard and teaches you the controlls and mechanics of the game.

K. K. March

This level turns K. K. into the leader marching band parade and trying to make it to the end of the parade without getting rained on by cloud based enemies

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